Rev. Andrew Hutcheson Moncur Sime (1863-1948)

The Rev. A. H. Moncur Sime was a Congregational Minister.


Andrew Hutcheson Moncur Sime was born on 6 May 1863 in Fife, Scotland. The name Moncur was from his mother, who had Huguenot ancestry.

He studied at Edinburgh University and Glasgow Theological College.

He served at Milton Congregational Church, Huddersfield, from 1902 until circa 1913.

He subsequently served at Swan Hill Congregational Church (Shrewsbury) until 1928 and then Penzance Congregational Church.[1]

He retired due to ill health in 1933[2] and moved to Letchworth, Hertfordshire, where he died on 19 June 1948, aged 85.

Madame Rina Robinson

His wife, contralto singer Catherine Elizabeth (née Robinson), was known professionally as Madame Rina Robinson and was involved in the formation of the Huddersfield College of Music, where she taught as the Professor of Singing and Voice Production. She died aged 63 on 12 December 1932, after a short illness.[3] A memorial tablet was unveiled at Penzance Congregational Church in July 1933.[4]


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