Rashcliffe National School, St. Stephen's Street, Rashcliffe

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  • also known as: Rashcliffe Church of England School, Rashcliffe Church School (by 1960)
  • location: corner of St. Stephen's Street (now St. Stephen's Road) & Bland Street, Rashcliffe
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: school

Built as a separate Infant School for the nearby National School (est. 1859) on Victoria Road, it reportedly had space for 185 children.

The school was designed by architect Joseph Berry of 9 Queen Street, Huddersfield, and built by masons Messrs. B. Graham & Son. The foundation stones were laid on Saturday 17 October 1896 by the Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Wakefield and by John Arthur Brooke J.P.[1]


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Notes and References

  1. "Rashcliffe Church Schools" in Huddersfield Chronicle (19/Oct/1896).