Ramsden Street Baths, Huddersfield

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Following the success of the Lockwood Public Baths, the Gymnasium Hall was purchased by Huddersfield Corporation in 1888 for £2,000 and converted into new public baths. The main pool measured 26 yards by 8 yards, with separate slipper baths[1] for men and women. Until a filtration system was in installed in 1917, the baths operated a system of "clean days" in which the pool was emptied, cleaned and refilled. The popularity of the baths led to the building of Cambridge Road Baths in the late 1920s. The Ramsden Street Baths closed in the 1960s and are believed to have been demolished in 1971.[2]


Notes and References

  1. Slipper baths allowed those without a bathroom in their own house to bathe and wash. As home bathrooms became more commonplace, their popularity declined.
  2. At Your Service: One Hundred Years of the Huddersfield Corporation (1968), pages 4-5.

Ramsden Street Baths, Huddersfield


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