Ralph Cuthbert, Limited


Ralph Cuthbert, Ltd., were chemists situated at on Westgate, Huddersfield.

The business was founded circa 1866 by chemist and druggist Ralph Cuthbert (1845-1917)[1], who had set up a shop at 27 Westgate in the 1860s.[2]

On the afternoon of 3 July 1883, Ralph Cuthbert was one of several shopkeepers on Westgate who assisted in the aftermath of the Lindley Tramcar Tragedy. Quickly grabbing an armful of "lint, bandages and other requisites for the dressing of wounds" he ran up Westgate to the crash site on Railway Street where his "timely supply of surgical appliances was very valuable."[3]

In December 1883, he transferred his business to 10-12 Westgate, situated on the right-hand side of the entrance to the Byram Arcade[4] and the Westgate shop was auctioned on 30 September 1884:[5]

Shop fittings, glass show cases and other effects, viz :— shop counter with mahogany top fitted with nests of drug drawers, two mahogany circular-fronted counter showcases, three other showcases, three mahogany upright showcases, two glazed window enclosures with sliding doors, excellent mahogany circular-fronted showcase with glazed sliding doors and nest of nine drawers and two cupboards under, mahogany and painted shelving, office desk with inlaid top, slope desk with pigeon holes, two patent American Enterprise grinding mills, duplex action tincture press, casks of pimetta berries, tins of paint, 56 gallon cask of No. 18 vinegar, about 3cwt. of toilet soap in 7lb. boxes, sago, arrowroot, glass show bottles, and a miscellaneous assortment of other useful effects.

Yorkshire Post (18/Dec/1930)

It became a private company in 1913.

Whitaker's Red Book of Commerce or Who's Who in Business (1914) described the business as: " Chemists and druggists, manufacturers of mineral water, importers and dealers in chemical, photographic and scientific apparatus. Specialities: dispensing, drugs, surgical instruments, chemicals, photographic chemicals, scientific apparatus and mineral waters."

Founder Ralph Cuthbert died on 13 April 1917, leaving an estate valued at £19,455 14s.

Ralph Cuthbert, Ltd., went into receivership on 6 September 1989.[6]


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Notes and References

  1. Born 23 November 1845, the son of woollen cloth drawer James Ralph Cuthbert and his wife Mary. In January 1869, James Ralph was charged with having assault his wife and son whilst drunk, for which he was sent to Wakefield House of Correction for one month. Ralph Cuthbert married Norah Elizabeth Jane Beaumont on 4 August 1886.
  2. The earliest found reference in the Huddersfield Chronicle is 15 May 1869, when Cuthbert was fined for having incorrect weights and measures.
  3. According to Huddersfield Chronicle (05/Jul/1883), it was Mr. W.H. Middlemost who witnessed the crash and sent someone to tell Cuthbert to bring first aid supplies.
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