Railway Times (30/May/1846) - Manchester, Huddersfield and Great Grimsby Direct Railway

The following is a transcription of a historic article and may contain occasional errors.


Winding up of the Company.

The Managing Directors having, in compliance with the aim at unanimous desire of the shareholders, resolved to wind up the affairs of the Company, and to return one guinea per share immediately, and the remaining balance of the deposits (after deducting the necessary expenses) as soon as the affairs can be settled. Notice is hereby given, to the holders of scrip and bankers' receipts, to transmit to the Secretary, by letter postage free, within one week from the date hereof, their Christian and Surnames, with their residences and occupations, and also the number, together with the description (whether for five or ten shares, of each of the share certificates in their possession; and also the date of bankers' receipts in their possession (if any), and the number of shares for which such receipts are expressed to be given. After the transmission of the particulars above required, the holders must not dispose of such strip or bankers’ receipts.

Dated this 27th day of May, 1846.

By order of the Directors,
JOHN SPURR, Secretary.
Princess Street, Huddersfield.