Railway Times (25/Apr/1846) - Manchester, Huddersfield and Great Grimsby Direct Railway


A meeting of the shareholders and shareholders in this Company was held at the Guildhall, in Doncaster, on Wednesday last, for the purpose of receiving the Reports of the Managing Directors and Engineer, and of considering and determining upon the best measures to be adopted in regard to the present position and future proceedings of the Company. The meeting was very respectably attended.

Mr. J.E. Mokey, Mayor of Doncaster, and Chairman of the Company, presided.

Mr. Alderman Birley, of Doncaster, called upon the Secretary to read the Report of the Directors.

Some conversation ensued, and great indignation was expressed at the extravagant amounts of the charges against the Company. It was also stated that the total expenditure would amount to about 21,000. in the event of the Company being now wound up, which would allow of about 24s. per share being returned.

Mr. S. Morehouse, of Morecroft, Huddersfield, one of the executive Committee, said that several Bills had only been rendered to the Committee, and had not received their approval.

Mr. Floyd, the Solicitor, next read the Engineer's Report, which expressed very favourably of the line.

It was stated, in answer to questions from some of the meeting, that about 40,000 shares were originally allotted.

On the motion of Mr. G. Burke, of Doncaster, seconded by Mr. Micklethwaite, of Wakefield, it was carried unanimously, that the Solicitor be instructed to proceed against those of the executive and Provisional Committee who had not taken up the shares allotted to them, and for which they made application.

The names of these defaulting gentlemen were also read to the meeting.

Mr. John Sutcliffe, of Huddersfield, in a long speech, moved that the Company be dissolved under the provisions of the contemplated measure of Sir Robert Peel.

The Rev. Mr. Whitelock seconded the proposition.

After some lengthened observations from Mr. Floyd, the solicitor, J. Harpin, Esq., of Birks House, Holmfirth, Mr. Heaps, of Huddersfield, and others, and after a great deal of acrimonious conversation, the motion was put to the meeting. The number of scrip for and against the motion was taken, and on being cast up it appeared that there were in its favour 11,395 shares, and against 1,070. The motion was declared to be carried; and after a vote of thanks to the Chairman, the meeting separated, having been together five hours.

Railway Times (25/Apr/1846) - Manchester, Huddersfield and Great Grimsby Direct Railway


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