Railway Times (23/May/1908) - Midland Railway Extension

Midland Railway Extension.

An extension of the Midland Railway from Mirfield to Huddersfield has been decided upon the tender of Messrs. Hutchinson and Co., of Leeds, for construction has been accepted. The work is to be commenced at once. The new line, which will be about 4½ miles long, will start by a junction with the Lancashire and Yorkshire line near Mirfield station. After running parallel with the existing railway for about half a mile it will gradually bear to the south, crossing the River Colne, and then, after crossing Leeds Road near to the Deighton Chemical Works bend to the north and terminate on the north side of Green Street in Huddersfield. A viaduct of 15 arches, about 50ft. in height, will be necessary for the crossing of the river. The line will take about 3½ years to complete.