Railway Times (21/Sep/1907) - Goods Train on Fire

Goods Train on Fire.

Early on Monday morning a fire broke out in a goods train of eleven wagons (laden with telephone poles), belonging to the London and North Western Railway Company, on their line at Marsden, near Huddersfield. The Huddersfield police fire brigade took one of the steam fire-engines to Marsden, and, aided by some workmen, were able to extinguish the fire in a short time. The telephone poles, which had been soaked in creosote, were burned so much as to be practically useless, and the trucks were considerably damaged. The engine and guard's van were detached when the fire broke out. Sparks from the engine were the cause of the lire. Shortly after the arrival of the Huddersfield brigade the trucks were removed from the main line to a siding, so that very little delay of traffic took place.