Railway Times (19/Sep/1846) - Huddersfield and Manchester Railway and Canal Company: General Meeting

The following is a transcription of a historic article and may contain occasional errors.



In accordance with the wish expressed at the general meeting in February last, the balance sheet of income and expenditure during the past half-year has already been circulated amongst the share holders.

At the last meeting your Directors reported that numerous obstacles which had presented themselves in the acquisition of land had at length been surmounted, and that the land purchases were progressing satisfactorily. They have now to add that this statement has been most fully borne out. On account of the great number of small properties through which the line passes, your Directors have had to encounter unusual difficulties, but these have been overcome by a constant attention to this important portion of their duties.

The amount which has been paid for land during the half-year is £51,481 2s. 10d., and settlements have been effected in addition to this amounting to upwards of £20,000 ; the payment for this balance being delayed until the necessary legal forms shall have been completed.

The arrangements for the station at Huddersfield have received the most serious consideration. While desirous of exercising the utmost economy, your Directors have decided in this instance to be guided by the experience of the older Companies, who may be said almost without exception to have been compelled to increase the extent of their station accommodation; and, with these considerations, the plan which has received their sanction is one which, in their opinion, is fully calculated to meet the requirements of the Companies whose traffic it is to accommodate. The building of the station has been let, and the contractors are bound to complete by the 1st of May next one of the wings, which will be sufficient for the accommodation of the Cooper Bridge traffic.

Since last meeting, three luggage engines, in addition to the passenger engines previously reported, have been contracted for by the Messrs. Hawthorn, of Newcastle.

Special notice has been given in the advertisement convening the meeting, that a resolution will be submitted for increasing the number of Directors from ten to twelve, and to appoint two additional Directors. In bringing this proposition under your notice, your Directors would very shortly state that the duties which have devolved upon them during the half-year have been very laborious, and the time devoted to their performance considerable, and they believe that an increase in the number of their body will enable them to work out with still greater efficiency the numerous details connected with their superintendence of both railway and canal.

Notice has also been given, that the agreement entered into betwixt your Directors and the Leeds, Dewsbury, and Manchester Railway Company, for the mutual working of traffic over their respective railways, will be submitted for ratification. This agreement is as follows:–

“Agreement made the 15th day of April, 1846, between the Leeds, Dewsbury, and Manchester Railway Company, of the one part, and the Huddersfield and Manchester Railway and Canal Company, of the other part, as follows, and for the considerations hereafter appearing, that is to say:—

“That each of the said Companies shall have power to run trains, whether proceeding with passengers or goods, from or to their own line, upon and over the line of the other of the said Companies, paying for so doing, in lieu of all other toll or, charge, a proportionate part according to the distance travelled upon each line, of the gross charge made or earned on both lines for such traffic, first allowing 35 per cent. of such gross charge for working expenses, exclusive in the case of goods, of the cost of carting, handling, and warehousing the same.

“That for the purposes of the preceding arrangement, the Leeds, Dewsbury, and Manchester Rail way shall be considered as commencing at the junction of the Huddersfield and Manchester Railway with the Manchester and Leeds Railway, near to Cooper-bridge; and the Leeds, Dewsbury, and Manchester Railway Company shall secure to the Huddersfield and Manchester Railway and Canal Company all facilities which they, the said Leeds, Dewsbury, and Manchester Railway Company are entitled to, for passing over the Manchester and Leeds line, under an agreement between the said Manchester and Leeds, and the said Leeds, Dewsbury, and Manchester Railway Companies, dated the 29th day of April, 1845, and shall under take the payment of all moneys, and the settlement of all accounts, to and with the said Manchester and Leeds Railway Company, for the use of the said portion of their said line.

“That each of the Companies parties hereto shall provide for the other of the said Companies full accommodation, in their respective stations at Leeds, Huddersfield, and Stalybridge, and other intermediate stations, as well for booking offices, as for engines and carriages, and all other things necessary for the convenient working of independent trains, on payment of a reasonable rent for such accommodation, to be hereafter settled, under arbitration, if need be, of the Board of Trade.

“That the control of the stations (except for booking clerks) and the departure and arrival of trains, shall be in the hands of the party to whom the station belongs, and each party using the line of the other shall observe in all respects the bye laws and regulations of the Company, to whom the same belongs.

“Witness the corporate seals of the respective Companies parties hereto, the day and year first aforesaid,"

The terms contained in it have been agreed to after mature deliberation, and are submitted for approval under the unanimous recommendation of the General Board.