Railway Times (18/Sep/1841) - Coach Accident

The following is a transcription of a historic article and may contain occasional errors.


On Monday evening about eight o'clock, as one of the coaches which is occasionally employed in the temporary absence of the omnibus which takes passengers for the railway, from Huddersfield to Cooper Bridge station, was on its way from the latter place and when near Whitaker Bridge, one of the axles gave way, and the wheel coming off, the coach was thrown over and several persons much hurt. Mr. Townly, of Huddersfield, accountant, was severely shaken and internally hurt; a weaver belonging to Taylor Hill, near Huddersfield, and who was on his return from a visit at York, was thrown violently off upon a heap or stones, with his leg bent up under him, and a heavy person falling upon him, he sustained a very severe compound fracture of the leg, just above the ankle; he was immediately conveyed to the Huddersfield and Upper Agbrigg Infirmary, where the greatest attention is being paid to him. From the severity of the in juries amputation is deemed necessary, to which the patient will by no means consent. He is, under such circumstances, as well as can be expected; but his medical attendants consider the final results to be very precarious