Railway Times (17/Feb/1866) - London and North Western

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London and North Western.

On Thursday morning, about two o'clock, part of the Whitaker Mill viaduct, on the branch line from Huddersfield to Kirkburton, fell in and stopped up the canal. The line leaves tho Leeds and Huddersfield section about two miles from Huddersfield, and the viaduct is about a quarter of a mile from the junction. It consists of seven arches, each 64 feet span and 21 feet 4 inches rise, with piers 8 feet 6 inches thick, and crosses the canal, a mill goit, and the river Colne, on a curve with a radius of 22 chains. It was built of brick. About two months ago the centres were removed from the two first arches, and afterwards a slight subsidence was noticed in the second arch, but was not thought dangerous. However, sharp frost following extremely wet weather has affected it, and the second arch fell yesterday morning, bringing with it the first arch, the rubbish from which filled the canal, but about sixty men were sot to work to remove it, and traffic will be resumed to-day. The pier between the second and third arches stands firm, but has been strengthened by beams of wood. The other work on the line is well forward, but the rebuilding of the fallen arches will take some months. It is not expected to delay the opening of the line.

Railway Times (17/Feb/1866) - London and North Western


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