Railway Times (14/Mar/1908) - Report on the Hillhouse Collision

Report on the Hillhouse Collision.

Lieut.-Col. Druitt's report to the Board of Trade was issued on Monday on the collision which occurred between two passenger trains on January 13th at Hillhouse, near Huddersfield, on the London and North-Western Railway. A Lancashire and Yorkshire Company's passenger train from Huddersfield to Bradford ran into the rear of a London and North-Western Company's fast passenger train from Manchester to Leeds. Considerable damage was caused to rolling stock, and fourteen passengers of the London and North-Western train were injured, as were also the drivers on both engines and the fireman on the Lancashire and Yorkshire train and the guard on the London and North-Western train. The accident occurred during foggy weather. Lieut.-Col. Druitt says there was a direct conflict of evidence between the two signalmen in the Huddersfield and Hillhouse boxes, in which, moreover, each is supported by another witness. There can be no doubt that the collision was due to a mistake on the part of one of these men, but it is impossible to say which.