Railway Times (12/Sep/1846) - Huddersfield and Manchester Railway and Canal Company

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The Proprietors of Extension Shares are requested to transmit, on or before Monday, the 21st September, their scrip to this office, accompanied by claims in the annexed Form, and specifying, distinctly, their names, descriptions, and residences, in order that such Scrip may be exchanged for the Shares to which the Proprietors will be entitled in lieu thereof, as next stated, and for the purpose of Registration.

The Proprietor of every £30 Extension Share will be entitled to receive in lieu thereof a Sealed Certificate representing a Third (or £10) Share in the Company, paid up to the extent of £3, and also a Sealed Certificate representing one additional Third Share for every Five such Extension Shares held by him — but, conditionally, that on every such additional Third Share a deposit of £3 shall be paid up prior to Allotment. Shareholders will thus be entitled in the whole to Six Third (or £10) Shares for every Five Extension Shares of £30 each held by them respectively. Upon these Third shares the Shareholders will be entitled to receive interest half-yearly, on all money for the time paid up.

As fractional parts of Third Shares cannot be issued, the holders of Extension Shares claiming the said additional Share of One for Five, will be required so to adjust their numbers of Extension Shares, by transactions amongst themselves, as to be divisible by Five, and to admit of even commutations, clear of fractions.

Parties sending their Scrip by post, are requested to do so in Registered Letters, and, for further security, to write their names across the Scrip.

Forms of Claim may be had on application at this Office. The receipt of the Scrip will be duly acknowledged, and on completion of the Register, Sealed Certificates for the Shares issuable in lieu thereof will be given by the Company

(By Order of the Board,)
Office, Queen Street, Huddersfield,
24th August, 1846.

Railway Times (12/Sep/1846) - Huddersfield and Manchester Railway and Canal Company


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