Railway Times (12/Feb/1842) - Proposed Huddersfield Railway

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To the Editor of the Railway Times.


The town of Huddersfield is only three miles distant from the Manchester and Leeds line; and as the country is nearly a dead level, and consists principally of land in pasture, I feel surprised that no steps have as yet been taken to form a branch line. A single line of railway, worked by horses, would be amply sufficient, and might be constructed for from £20,000 to £30,000, I should think. The Heywood branch line, two miles in length, cost only £10,000 altogether.

I trust the Leeds Directors will not lose sight of this matter. Are they progressing with the Halifax branch? Do they propose following the good example set by the Grand Junction Company as to church building or schools? It would be most desirable if they would publish weekly the amount of sums paid to other Companies, and for coaches and omnibuses; also full particulars as to the amount of goods' traffic through to Hull and Leeds, as compared with the local goods' traffic, as I term that to and from Rochdale, Oldham, Halifax, Bradford, Huddersfield, and Wakefield.

Are they favourably disposed towards the branch line from Hebden Bridge to Bradford? or do they intend to form a branch to Bradford, from their Brighouse station, of five or six miles in length? If the latter, immediate steps ought to be taken.

I beg to remind the Directors, that information on all the above points, in their Report next month, would be most acceptable to the shareholders.

London, February 7, 1842.

Railway Times (12/Feb/1842) - Proposed Huddersfield Railway


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