Railway Times (11/Nov/1848) - London and North Western Railway (Huddersfield and Manchester Section)

The following is a transcription of a historic article and may contain occasional errors.


The Directors will meet at their offices in Huddersfield, on WEDNESDAY, the 6th December next, to receive TENDERS for the COMPLETION of the UNFINISHED WORKS on the line, viz., the unlet portion of the Stalybridge Contract, between Stalybridge and the western face of the Standedge Tunnel, in length about 4 miles 12 chains; and the unlet portion of the Huddersfield Contract, between Marsden and Huddersfield, in length about 3 miles 49 chains. These contracts will comprise the completion of all the earthwork, bridges, culverts, masonry drains, fencing, ballasting, and laying the permanent way, together with the maintaining of the same for twelve months after their completion.

Plans, specifications, draft contracts, conditions, and printed forms of tender may be seen at the office of Alfred S. Jee, Esq., the Company’s Engineer-in-Chief, Queen street, Huddersfield, on and after Monday the 20th inst.

Sealed tenders, addressed to the secretary, will require to be sent to the Company’s Offices, Huddersfield, not later than 10 o'clock on the morning of the 6th December next; and parties tendering, or their authorised agent, must be then present. The Directors do not pledge themselves to accept the lowest tender.

By order,
Huddersfield, 4th November, 1848.