Railway Times (10/Oct/1846) - Huddersfield, Halifax and Bradford Union Railway

The following is a transcription of a historic article and may contain occasional errors.


Registration of Scrip.

All persons holding Scrip Certificates for Shares herein are requested to transmit the same to the Secretary of the West Riding Union Railway, at the Company's Office, Broad Street, Halifax, on or before Tuesday, the 10th of November next, accompanied by claims in the form annexed, with the name, description, and residence, of each claimant, in order that the same may be correctly entered on the register of the Company.

The receipt of the Scrip Certificates will be duly acknowledged, and Certificates of Shares in the Manchester and Leeds Railway Company will be delivered in exchange for them, under the provisions of the Act of Incorporation, shortly after the completion of the register, of which notice will be given.

Shares, in respect of which no application for registry shall be made on or before the above date, will be registered in the name of the original subscriber, and cannot afterwards be passed, otherwise than by a formal transfer.

By order of the Board,
Huddersfield, Oct. 8, 1846.