Railway Times (09/Aug/1856) - Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire

The following is a transcription of a historic article and may contain occasional errors.

Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire.

An accident occurred on Saturday morning at Hillhouse engine-shed, Huddersfield. The 6.25 a.m. passenger train had just passed the shed when an engine started to run into the station to be attached to a train for Sheffield. At the same moment a luggage train (which had been turned into a siding till the passing of the 6.25 train) was driven towards the shed to be shunted, and the consequence was that a buffer of each engine came into collision. One of the buffers was hurled a distance of twenty yards; the luggage engine had its wheel-tires knocked off, and the side considerably injured. The other engine had the whole of its side torn away, and its tender turned upside down. Several waggons were also inverted, and the traffic was stopped for three hours. The fireman and driver of the engine were removed to the infirmary, the latter being much shaken, and the former severely cut; the pointsman was also much hurt from a piece of wood striking him while falling from one of the luggage waggons. A signal was hoisted for the luggage train to be delayed, but the driver was prevented by the thickness of the atmosphere from seeing it.