Railway Times (07/Mar/1846) - Huddersfield and Manchester Railway and Canal


At the second Half yearly ordinary General Meeting of the proprietors of the Huddersfield and Manchester Railway and Canal Company, held within the Guildhall, Huddersfield, on Saturday, the 28th day of February, 1846,

FRANCIS CARBUTT, Esq., of Leeds, in the chair,

The following Resolutions were adopted—

1. That the register of the shareholders now produced be authenticated by the common seal of the Company.

2. That the Report of the Directors and Engineer now read be received and adopted.

3. That the statement of accounts now read be circulated amongst the shareholders.

4. That it is the opinion of this meeting that the proposed amalgamation of this Company with the Sheffield, Ashton-under-Lyne, and Manchester Railway Company, and its confederates, ought not to be further proceeded with, but that the independence of this Company should be preserved.

5. That the following gentlemen be appointed a Board of Directors in the place of the Directors this day retiring from office, viz. – William Aldam, jun., Esq., M.P., Frickley Hall, near Doncaster; Joseph Brook, Esq., Green Head, Huddersfield; William Leigh Brook, Esq., Meltham Hall, near Huddersfield; George Loch, Esq., Pexhill, Warrington; Thomas Firth, Esq., Toothill, near Huddersfield ; James Lees, Esq., Delph Lodge, Saddleworth; William Bayley, Esq., Larkhill, Ashton-under-Lyne; Joseph Starkey, Esq., Woodhouse, Huddersfield; Joseph Stocks, Esq., Shibden Hall, near Halifax; Thomas France Bennett, Esq., Liverpool.

The Chairman having left the chair it was resolved, unanimously, that the thanks of this meeting be given to Francis Carbutt, Esq., for his very able and impartial conduct in the chair.

By order,