Railway Times (07/Aug/1847) - Huddersfield and Manchester Railway

The following is a transcription of a historic article and may contain occasional errors.


The branch line from this town is now so far completed that one line of rails to Cooper Bridge is expected to be opened on Monday next. On Friday noon last, a truck, furnished with seats, and drawn by one of the horses, went down the line from the new station now forming here, and was expected to have been brought back by the engine the same afternoon, but which, however, did not happen. On Saturday morning, at nine o'clock, a very handsome and powerful engine arrived, named, from the Chairman of the Company, “The Aldam;” and soon afterwards, with the tender, started down the line, the latter crowded with Directors, &c., among whom were J. Brook, Esq., Vice-Chairman, and several other influential gentlemen. It shortly afterwards returned with a most splendid first class carriage attached to it. The trip was performed in twelve minutes, but when the line is fully opened it is intended it shall be done in eight minutes, when it will prove of far more use and advantage to the public than the present vexatious and dilatory scheme of the omnibuses. Some other experimental trips were made during the day. The other line of rails will be opened as soon as the works, now rapidly advancing, are completed.

(Halifax Guardian.)