Railway Times (05/Jun/1897) - Brighouse and the Midland Railway

Brighouse and the Midland Railway.

At a recent meeting of the General Purposes Committee of the Brighouse Town Council, the Mayor residing, a deputation from the Huddersfield Corporation and the Huddersfield Chamber of Commerce appeared before the council. The object of the deputation was to ask the council to support the proposal which had been made to induce the Midland Railway Company to construct a main line from Barnsley to Bradford and Huddersfield. The details of the scheme were discussed at some length, and it was afterwards resolved, on the motion of Alderman Sugden, seconded by Alderman Smith, "That this corporation desires to secure the Midland Railway Company of the strong desire of the people of Brighouse to induce the company to construct a main line connecting their system, north and south, through Brighouse; and that this corporation will support a Parliamentary Bill that may be presented for this purpose by petition and witnesses, and will do everything in its power to facilitate the construction of such line; and as an earnest of its desire, the corporation hereby pledges itself to allow the company to make the line over any of its property for a mere nominal consideration, providing that any existing or contemplated works or buildings are not unduly interfered with."