Railway Times (03/Jan/1846) - Huddersfield and Manchester Canal and Railway Company

At a Meeting of numerous resident Proprietors in the Huddersfield and Manchester Canal and Railway Company, held at Liverpool, on the 24th day of December, 1845, for the purpose of considering the state of the Company's affairs after the late Special Meeting at Huddersfield,

It was resolved unanimously,–

That the amalgamation of this Company with any other at this early period would appear to be premature and of very dubious advantage; and that the projected union with the Sheffield and Manchester, a line not at the time opened throughout, having therefore its traffic to develope, and connected already with numerous branches by agreements for amalgamation, lease, or subscription, appears to be hasty, imprudent, and unadvisable.

That the best policy that this Company can pursue appears to be to urge the completion of its own main line with economy and dispatch, to cultivate liberality of feeling, and a good understanding with lines in the vicinity, and to preserve its own independent action till the formation be more advanced, and the district relations of the Company be more developed.

That though the value of the east traffic vis the Sheffield and Manchester line is not intended to be disparaged, that the north and east, and the obvious and natural connection of this line with the district of the Leeds and Dewsbury, and Leeds and Thirsk lines, ought to be fully and carefully attended to.

That this meeting, while it does not impugn the motives of the Board of Directors, must state its disapprobation of the measure proposed by them, and its disagreement with the decision declared to have been come to by the use of the proxies.

It pledges itself to oppose the same, and invites the share holders generally, and especially the proprietors resident in Huddersfield and Manchester, to unite in such measures as may be necessary to protect the independence and the best interests of the Company.

Chairman of the Meeting.