Railway Times (02/Sep/1848) - Huddersfield and Manchester Railway

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The general half-yearly meeting of the proprietors in the above railway was held at Huddersfield, on the 23rd ult.; Mr. W. Aldam, jun., in the chair.

The report stated that 132,652 passengers were conveyed over the line during the past half-year; the receipts, £2,915; merchandise, £460; the weight conveyed, 11,417 tons; that the traffic on the Huddersfield and Sir J. Ramsden's Canals had exceeded that of the previous half-year by £807; and that a very considerable saving had been effected in the expenditure for lock-keeping, which amounted, for the half-year ending June, 1847, to £571, and this half-year to £344. The Directors acknowledge the promptitude with which the shareholders had responded to the calls. The total arrears to this date amount to only £22,205, and of this sum £6,602 are arrears upon the last call. The loan came in but slowly, only amounting at present to £167,511.

The report of the engineer stated that the portion of the line open between Huddersfield and Cooper Bridge is in a very fair condition. The small branch at Cooper Bridge has been delayed, as it cannot be used to advantage until the West Riding Union lines are completed. That the bridges, viaducts, and tunnels, on the unfinished portion of the line, are in a forward state.

The Chairman moved the adoption of the report, which was seconded and carried unanimously.

A resolution was passed confirming the forfeiture of 181 original shares and 54 third shares.

Thanks were then voted to the Chairman, and the meeting separated.

Railway Times (02/Sep/1848) - Huddersfield and Manchester Railway


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