Railway Accidents at Huddersfield

The following are a selection of accidents and incidents which occurred in the vicinity of Huddersfield Railway Station.

Ages of individuals are given in parentheses and names in bold text indicate fatalities.


  • 18 February — At 11:50am, a passenger train from Manchester collided with a goods train from Leeds at a low speed. None of the passengers were injured, but a crew member of the goods train suffered a crushed foot and had four toes amputated.[1]


  • 7 January — Mr. Hirst, ticket clerk of Huddersfield Station, broke his thigh bone after accidentally falling down one of the station's coal shoots in the dark.[2]
  • 18 June — Five runaway loaded goods waggons from Honley Station ran unchecked through to Springwood Junction. A L&NWR passenger train from Huddersfield-Manchester was passing through the junction at the time and the driver saw the runaway waggons. He accelerated to try and get his train clear, but the waggons struck the final two carriages and killed three passengers: teacher Joseph Clulow Goodwin[3] of Cooke's Academy; orphan Thomas Robson Currie (14) who had been working as a railway clerk; and innkeeper Jasper Beard (49) of Stockport. Amongst the injured were: Martha Mallinson (19) of Netherthong; Mrs. Schofield of Oldfield Road, Salford, and her daughters Martha Ann Schofield (8) and Mary Ellen Schoffield (6); Mrs. Martha Fearnley of Berry Brow (mother of Mrs. Schofield); commercial traveller Mr. Ramsay of Manchester; cabinet maker William Mellor of Manchester; Mrs. John Shaw of Lockwood; housekeeper Miss Taylor of Marsden; landlord John Kenworthy of Rising Sun Inn, Buckstones; flock dealer John Nicholson of Batley; and weaver John Hirst of Slaithwaite. A verdict of "manslaughter by person or persons unknown" was recorded at the inquest, as it had been impossible to discover how the waggons had run free, but the belief was that it had been a malicious act.[4][5]


  • 15 January — Collision occurred at a late hour, injuring a railway employee.
  • 14 July — At 11:12pm, a packed excursion train was offloading passengers at the station when it was struck from the rear by the Bangor mail train, which had been slowing down as it approached the station. Around 35 passengers were injured. The accident was blamed on the pointsman at Bradley not leaving a long enough gap of time between the excursion and mail trains, and negligence on the part of the mail train driver for not stopping in time.[6]


  • 9 July — At 12:18pm, a passenger train derailed at Springwood Junction after passing over a set of failed points. No one was injured.[7]


  • 1 October — In the early hours of the morning, a mail train and a goods train travelling in the same direction collided in the curved Paddock Cutting between Longwood and Huddersfield.[8]
  • 7 November — At around 8:35am, in very foggy conditions, the express Leeds-Manchester train was proceeding slowly towards Huddersfield after being held at a danger signal when it ran into another passenger train. Two passengers were injured.[9]


  • 19 May — At around 12:26pm, runaway waggons and a brake van from Huddersfield collided with the engine of a Brighouse-Huddersfield passenger train just to the north of the station. Several passengers received minor injuries, the most serious of which was Joshua Tolson (60) of Brighouse.[10]


  • 14 November — At 4:33pm, a Leeds-Manchester passenger train (driven by Joseph Atherton) which has passed a danger signal ran into the rear of a L&YR coal train which was on the viaduct to the north of the station. Eleven passengers and a railway guard were injured:timber and mahogany merchant William Marshall of George Street, Liverpool; Mrs. Joshua Bradbury of Field Hill, Batley; Mrs. Joel Hobson of Knowle Top, Meltham; William Ewing of Moss Side, Manchester; engineer Thomas Lamb of Manchester; Emma Danver of Smethwick; Joshua Kirkwood of Hunslet, Leeds; Samuel Coldwell of Meltham Moor; fishmonger Alfred Wood of Market Walk, Huddersfield; C.R. Cresswell of Oldham Road, Manchester; J.A. Braddeley of Manchester; and railway guard Samuel Caston of Eccles, Manchester.[11]


  • 24 October — Just before 8am, a Bradford-Liverpool train luggage had stopped in Springwood Tunnel. It was starting to move away when the Huddersfield-Stockport passenger train ran into the back of it. The rear carriages were empty and absorbed the impact.[12]


  • January — David Lea (70) of West View, Paddock, manager of the L&YR goods dept at the station, died after being run over whilst crossing the lines at the station.[13]


  • 10 August — During construction of a new station roof, it collapsed killing: William Priest (61) of Northumberland Street, Huddersfield; joiner James Brewins (33) of Castleford; weaver Edward Hinchcliffe (58) of Longroyd Bridge; and foreman joiner John Scholes (41) of Hillhouse. Amongst the injured were: joiner John Hampshire of York Street, Huddersfield; joiner Arthur Beaumont of Kilner Bank, Huddersfield; foreman joiner William Bentley of Huddersfield; joiner Wright Boothroyd of Almondbury; and Richard Bannister of Penrith.[14]



  • 24 December. — At around 4:45pm, a L&NWR Leeds-Stockport passenger train collided with a L&YR Penistone-Bradford train at the station.[15]


  • 6 November — At 9:26pm, a delayed Huddersfield-Wakefield Westgate train collided with a Scarborough-Liverpool train. Although there were no fatalities or serious injuries, 28 passengers and 5 railway staff required hospital treatment.[16]

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