R.S. Dyson and Co., Limited

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R.S. Dyson & Co. Ltd. was an importer of colonial and foreign produce and provision, with offices situated in the Colonial Buildings on Macaulay Street, Huddersfield. The company was established in 1869 by Richard Smith Dyson (1845-1909).[1]

Dyson had previously partnered with Frank Wilkinson as Wilkinson and Dyson, Tea Dealers and Grocers of Huddersfield, but the partnership was dissolved 31 May 1876. At that time, Dyson's business address was Albert Yard off New Street, Huddersfield.[2]

An invoice dated August 1947 gave their telephone numbers as Huddersfield 3370 and 3371, and included details of their Wakefield office and Doncaster warehouse.

The company was still trading in 1959.

Notes and References

  1. He was born in Ackworth, Yorkshire, the son of James and Azabah Dyson, and was baptised 7 Mar 1845. He died on 30 March 1909 leaving an estate valued at £31,198 9s 10d.
  2. London Gazette (09/Jun/1876).

R.S. Dyson and Co., Limited


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