R.J. Elliott and Co., Limited

1899 newspaper advertisement
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R.J. Elliott & Co. Ltd. were cigar manufacturers based in the Pack Horse Yard, Huddersfield.

The firm was established in 1860 by tobacconist Reynolds John Elliott (c.1838-1879)[1] of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, who had moved to Lockwood by the time of the 1861 Census where he resided with his uncle and aunt, John and Ann Haigh, at Spring Place, Rashcliffe.

They manufactured or imported brands such as Bulldog Cigars, Guardsman Cigarettes, L'Affuta Cigars, La Fatima Regalia Conchas, Pack Horse Regalias, and Mexican Du Barry Cigars. By 1895, they had 150 employees.[2]

The company was still trading in the 1950s.[3]


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Notes and References

  1. Born 2 March 1838, son of John & Elizabeth Elliott. Baptised 4 April 1838 at Mansfield. He married Alice Elizabeth Cranswick on 25 March 1863 at Bridlington. Died 19 April 1879 aged 40 of "inflation of the lungs". Alice Elizabeth died suddenly of heart disease in December 1896 aged 57.
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