R.C. Eastwood

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R.C. Eastwood was a manufacturer based at Engine Bridge Works, Chapel Hill.

Although the firm was apparently named after Robert Cunliffe Eastwood (c.1856-1937) — a doffing plate maker residing on Whitehead Road, Primrose Hill, in the 1911 Census — company stationery stated it was established in 1825.

An invoice from August 1932 gave the firm's telephone number as Huddersfield 1589 and stated they manufactured:

  • Doffing and Cleaning Plates, Fettler Forks, Emery Rollers, Hand and Sheet Stricklers, &c.
  • Condenser Bobbins
  • Charcoal Tacks

The 1937 Directory listed the firm as "Doffing and Cleaning Plate Makers".