Queen Spinning Co., Limited

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The Queen Spinning Co., Ltd., were worsted spinners with works at Queen's Mill, Rashcliffe, Huddersfield.

The firm was established by Thomas Henry Moore (c.1857-1939)[1] and was a subsidiary of Moore Bros. wool merchants.

In March 1905 the "whole of the valuable worsted spinning plant" of Queen's Mill was auctioned by George Tinker and Son, with the company apparently going into liquidation.

The London Gazette (07/Sep/1906) contained the following notice:


NOTICE is hereby given, in pursuance of section 142 of the Companies Act, 1862, that a General Meeting of the Members of the above named Company will be held at the offices of Messrs. William Willans and Co., Market-street, Huddersfield, on Tuesday, the 16th day of October, 1906, at twelve o'clock noon, for the purpose of having an account laid before them, showing the manner in which the winding up has been conducted, and the property of the Company disposed of; of hearing any explanation that maybe given by the Liquidator ; and of determining, by Extraordinary Resolution, the manner in which the books, accounts, documents and seal of the Company, and of the Liquidator, shall be disposed of.

Dated this 5th day of September, 1906.
G.C.-H. WILLANS, Liquidator

Notes and References

  1. Gifted Lindley Moor Recreation Ground to Huddersfield Corporation in 1914. Died April 1939.

Queen Spinning Co., Limited


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