Henry Land (c.1872-1958)

Henry Land was a engineer and fruiterer, who performed locally as ventriloquist "Professor Land".


He was born in Huddersfield, the son of musician Joseph Land and his wife Jane.

He married piecener Jane Crossley, daughter of spinner James Crossley of Damside, on Christmas Day 1896 at All Hallows, Almondbury. The couple had four known children:

  • Joseph Land (1897-1976)[1]
  • Wilfred Land (1903-1961)[2]
  • Phyllis Land (1906-1993)[3]
  • Amy Land (1907-?)[4]

By 1899, he was performing as ventriloquist "Professor Land", and gave his occupation as "professional ventriloquist" on the 1901 Census by which time he was residing at 17 Moss Street, Moldgreen.

At the time of the 1911 Census, he was working as a fruit salesman and residing with his family at 3 Riley Street, Damside.

Jane Land died aged 65 in 1936.

The 1939 Register recorded him as a retired motor frame builder of 31 Orchard Terrace, Primrose Terrace.

Henry Land of 72 Birkhouse Lane, Moldgreen, died on 13 January 1958.

Performances as Professor Land

The following list was complied from local newspaper reports.

  • Deighton Infirmary Demonstration[10]
  • South Crosland Church Sale of Work[11]
  • Band of Hope Union Demonstration at Greenhead Park[21]
  • Greenhead Park, as part of Sailors' Day[22]
  • Almondbury Fete[23]
  • Fartown and Birkby Liberal Club[24]
  • as part of the Tank Week fundraising activities[25]
  • hospital concert in Ward D at the Royds Hall War Hospital[26]
  • gala in aid of Birchencliffe Soldiers' and Sailors' Comforts Fund[27]
  • annual children's party in connection with the Old Comrades' Association of the 5th Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment at Huddersfield Drill Hall[28]

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Henry Land (c.1872-1958)


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