Primrose Hill Cricket Club

The Primrose Hill Cricket Club (later the Primrose Hill Cricket & Athletic Club) was formed in 1875[1] and their grounds were situated off Cross Lane, behind the Crimea Inn.

The club's second annual "Athletic Sports and Gala" was held on 10 July 1886 and "proceedings were enlivened at intervals [...] by the Honley Brass Band". The club had advertised that there would be a donkey race, but unfortunately "only one donkey put in an appearance [...] much to the disappointment of those who anticipated witnessing a humorous event". Amongst the events which took place were:[2]

  • 100 yard races — under 16s race, open race, and members-only race
  • 2 mile bicycle race — won by J.A. Gledhill of Heckmondwicke
  • bowling and throwing at cricket wickets
  • 220 yards flat race — won by F. Bentley of Scholes
  • obstacle race — won by T.W. Eastwood of Wyke
  • 440 yards flat race — won by W. Blackburn of Slaithwaite
  • vocal quartet contest — won by Lindley Harmonic Quartet Party

Several members of the club were killed during the First World War:

The club closed in 2008.

Notes and References

  1. The club's sixth annual concert was held in November 1884.
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