Primrose Hill Baptist Chapel, Primrose Hill

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  • appears on maps: 1890 [#720], 1905 [#87]
  • location: Cross Lane, Primrose Hill
  • status: still exists but now under a different use
  • category: church or chapel
  • notes: with "seats for 650", built in 1881 and converted into student accomodation in 2013

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The Baptists of Yorkshire (1912) by Rev. C.E. Shipley:

The Primrose Hill Church, Huddersfield, has a brief but inspiring history. It owes its inception to the enterprise of the Lockwood Church, which, in 1872, at its own charges, appointed Mr. Joseph Stead to labour in the district as an evangelist. He prosecuted his task with much zeal, and a room was opened in 1874 for worship and a Sunday school; at the close of the year a school-chapel was erected costing £1300. Mr. Stead having left in 1875, an invitation was given to Rev. Wm. Gay, (who as the first pastor) remained for three years, adding forty members to the Church. He was succeeded by Rev. T. Dowding (1878-81), during whose ministry the Lockwood Church earnestly promoted a building scheme, which resulted in the opening of a chapel on November 17th, 1881. Rev. John Longson became pastor in 1883, and six years later no members were dismissed from Lockwood to Primrose Hill, only six of whom, however, are in its present membership. Mr. Longson having left in 1891, was followed by Rev. J. Dyer (1893-9). Upon his resignation the Church placed itself in the hands of the Association, and the Rev. J.F. Porteous was asked to give himself to the work. For the first five years of his ministry the Church received financial aid from Lockwood and the County Home Mission, but eventually became self-supporting, when it placed on record its great indebtedness to Lockwood, as also to the County Association. In April, 1908, the Church suffered a great sorrow in the sudden death of its pastor. He had devoted himself with a splendid consecration to his work and had won the affection of many friends. He was succeeded by the present pastor, Rev. T.R. Lewis, and the Church has in hand a fund for the extension of its school premises, which now amounts to £500.