Primitive Methodist Chapel, Taylor Hill Road, Taylor Hill

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  • also known as: Taylor Hill Primitive Methodist Church, Taylor Hill Methodist Church (1960 map)
  • location: Taylor Hill Road, Taylor Hill
  • status: still exists but under a different use
  • category: church or chapel

Opened in August 1869[1], it closed in 1972 with members of the congregation joining Berry Brow Methodist Church or Bentley Street Methodist Church at Lockwood.[2] The building is now a now commercial property.


The History of Lockwood and North Crosland (1980) by Brian Clarke:

Meetings of Methodists in Taylor Hill can be traced back to 1819 when travelling preachers regularly attended a cottage in the area for prayer meetings. However, it was not until 1869 that a Chapel and Sunday School were erected, becoming the only Primitive Methodist Church in our area. Closed on 22nd October 1972, the building is in 1976 in use as a Nursery Playgroup Centre.


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