Pricker Lane, Harden Hill

Pricker Lane is an alternative name for Harden Hill Road, which runs between Greenfield Road and Royd Road via Harden Hill.

The word "pricker" may be a reference to a basic wooden frame used in the woollen trade:[1]

A woollen-trade term: forked sticks thrust into the ground, to carry another horizontal stick, upon which sized webs were laid out to dry. Thrust into the ground in pairs about 5 feet apart. The horizontal piece was the "ower ligger," stouter pairs at the ends were "end stoops," and the whole, with the "end sticks," were terms "web sticks".

The lane was notable as being the place where John Hirst (aka "Old Mogg" and "Meltham Moggy") collapsed on the evening of Sunday 13 January 1867 after drinking at the Harden Moss beerhouse. He was found the following morning having nearly frozen to death, and died soon afterwards. According to local tradition, "the place where the body of the man was found is extremely bare, no green thing has grown there since".[2]


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