Poets Corner Inn, Chapel Hill

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  • location: Chapel Hill
  • status: still exists but in different use
  • category: public house, beerhouse, inn, etc.
  • notes: seemingly not marked on any maps

A beerhouse owned by James Leach (circa 1870s) which later became a Bentley & Shaw Ltd. property. It was in existence from at least 1866[1] until at least 1937, when it was mentioned in the Jubb's Directory. The building is currently used by Aindale Business & Technology.


The date shown is that when the licence was transferred:

  • 15/Feb/1893 — William Norton[2]
  • 12/Aug/1896 — Albert Pennington[3]
  • 15/Feb/1899 — Benjamin Boothroyd
  • 01/Jan/1902 — Joseph Mellor
  • 21/Nov/1906 — John Charles Hollings[4]
  • 03/Jul/1912 — Arthur Johnson
  • 19/Nov/1913 — Edwin Haigh

The following are undated in the Alehouse Licence and probably pre-date the above entries:

  • James Leach
  • David Eastwood
  • John Garside[5]

Other licencees and landlords named in the local press include:

  • Henry Hirst — Huddersfield Chronicle (30/Mar/1867)


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Notes and References

  1. Mr. Shakespeare Hirst ("the Elocutionist of a very high class") advertised that he was "open to receive engagements to give his recitals at public entertainments, penny readings, soirees, etc" in the Huddersfield Chronicle (24/Nov/1866) and gave his contact address as the Poets' Corner, Chapel Hill.
  2. In August 1895, a waggon pulled by a horse owned by William Norton ran out of control down Taylor Hill and killed six-year-old Norman Parker. Norton was later declared bankrupt in 1896.
  3. Albert Pennington was declared bankrupt in 1899.
  4. Hollings left to become the landlord of the Grey Horse on the other side of Chapel Hill.
  5. John Garside is reference in a court case in July 1891 for "allowing drunkenness on his premises".