Pinfold, Eastgate, Honley

This page is a bare-bones entry for a specific location marked on an old map. More detailed information may eventually be added...


  • location: Eastgate, Honley
  • status: partially exists
  • category: misc feature
  • notes: the doorway to the former pinfold still exists[1]


The History of Honley and its Hamlets from the Earliest Time to the Present (1914) by Mary A. Jagger, page 162:

The once high-walled prison for dumb trespassers is now out of use. The last pindar appointed by the Ancient Court Leet was Joseph Moorhouse, better known as “Joah O’ Neds.” We often found wonderful zest in life around the pinfold when Joah had impounded a poor half-starved horse or donkey. At the news of the exciting event, we children were wont to climb the high wall, and gaze with such apprehensive wonder upon the dumb prisoners, that sometimes one of our number fell into the stream of water running from Honley well through the ground of the pinfold. Like unto offices of Constable and Pindar, the pin-fold is now no longer required.


Notes and References

  1. Information supplied by Peter Marshall of Honley Civic Society.