Pigot and Co.'s Royal National and Commercial Directory of August 1841: Honley, South Crosland, Farnley Tyas and Neighbourhoods

The following section is reproduced from Pigot and Co.'s Royal National and Commercial Directory of August 1841.

Honley, South Crosland, Farnley-Tyas and Neighbourhoods

Honley is a populous chapelry, in the parish of Aldmonbury and wapentake of Agbrigg, West Riding ; situated about 34 miles south from Huddersfield, upon the river Colne. Fancy and other woollen goods are manufactured to a very great extent ; there are, besides, scribbling and fulling mills, and dye works — the entire furnishing employment to a great number of persons. The Earl of Dartmouth is lord of the manor, and holds a court, by his steward, annually in October, when a constable is appointed, and cases of trespass and damage adjudged. The places of worship are a chapel of ease, and one each for Wesleyan methodists and independents : the living of Honley is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the vicar of Aldmondbury ; the present curate is the Rev. Charles Drawbridge. The chapelry contained, by the returns for 1831, 4,523 inhabitants.

South Crossland is a township in the same parish as Honley, a short distance from that place ; and the manufactures are of the same description. The chapel of ease here was erected at an expense of about £2,300 out of the fund at the disposal of the church commissioners : the living is a curacy, in the same patronage as that of Honley ; the Rev. George Hough is the present curate. A national school is in the township. The number of inhabitants, in 1831, was 2,258.

Farnley Tyas is a township in the same parish as the preceding places, about three miles from Huddersfield and two from Honley. But few manufacturing establishments are in this township, and, divested of these, it is a place of very little importance. The Earl of Dartmouth has, at his own expense, erected and endowed a church in this township ; and he contributes £30 annually to the support of a school in which thirty children are instructed. Population, about 900.

POST OFFICE, Honley, William Tilburn, Post Master.

Letters from all parts arrive (from Huddersfield} every forenoon at eleven and evening at seven, and are despatched every morning at eight and afternoon at half-past two.

POST, Crossland.

Letters from all parts arrive (from Huddersfield) every forenoon (Tuesday excepted) at eleven, and are despatched every afternoon at three.

POST, Farnley Tyas.

Letters arrive (from Huddersfield) every morning (Tuesday excepted) at half-past ten, and are despatched every afternoon at three.


Miss Mary Ann Armitage, Honley
Mr. Thomas Armitage, Honley
Mr. Thomas Beaumont, Netherton
William Brooke, Esq., Northgate Mount, Honley
Rev. Charles Drawbridge, Honley
Mr. John Dyson, Wood Nook
Mr. Thomas Hinchliffe, Honley
Rev. George Hough, Netherton
Mrs. Mary Leigh, Honley
Mr. William Oldfield, Crossland
Rev. James Potter (Independent), Honley
Henry Shaw, Esq., Honley Wood Nook
Rev. Robert Smith, Honley
Mr. William Wigney, Netherton Moor Cottage
Rev. Thomas Winter, Farnley Tyas
Mrs. Elizabeth Wrigley, Netherton
Mr. Robert Wrigley, Spring Wood Cottage, Netherton


George Donkersley, Honley
Ann Elliott Dyson (boarding & day), Honley
Free School, Farnley Tyas — John Hewson, master
National School, Honley — George Donkersley, master
National School, Netherton — George Beaumont, master
National School, Crossland — Francis Duce, master


Benjamin Barker, Netherton
William Boothroyd, Honley
Charles Firth, Honley
James Firth, Honley
William Gledhill, Honley
John Lee, Farnley Tyas
Joseph Mitchell, Smithy Place
George Sheard, Crossland
George Shore, Deanhouse


John Barrett, Netherton
John Brook, Honley
Joseph Brook, Honley
Benjamin Carter, Honley
Joseph Carter, Honley
Jonathan Chambers, Farnley Tyas
Abraham Crowther, Netherton
Joseph Hirst, Honley
Charles Johnson, Crossland
Edward Moorhouse, Netherton
Aaron Smith, Farnley Tyas
Thomas Stead, Honley
George Whitehead, The Ridings
George Wood, Honley
John Wood, Honley
Joseph Wood, Honley
Joseph Wood, Jnr., Honley


John Eastwood, Honley
Joseph Eastwood, Netherton
James Haigh, Thirsting
John Hallas, Honley
Edward Lockwood, Honley
Benjamin Naylor, Armitage Bridge
Joseph Schofield, Honley
Joseph Smith, Honley
Francis Theaker, Honley
Joseph Wainwright, Necleys
Charles Walker, Honley
Joseph Walker, Honley
Robert Walker, Honley
Thomas Walker, Honley
John Wood, Netherton


John Bottomley, Honley
Edward Holroyd, Banks
Joseph Waite, Honley


John Astwick, Honley
John Beaumont, Honley
James Blakey, Netherton
Thomas Eastwood, Honley
Edward Holroyd, Banks
William & Edward Parkin, Netherton


Joseph Smith, Honley
Thomas Smith, Honley


Joseph Batley, Armitage
James Robinson, Well Hill
John Robinson, Honley


John Haigh & Co. Honley
Thomas Hinchliffe, Honley
Joshua Robinson, Smithy Place
David Shaw, Son & Co. Honley
Vickermans' and Beaumonts', Steps Mill, Honley
Wrigley John and Sons, Steps Mill, Honley


Amos Ainley, Smithy Place
Beaumont, Bottomley & Co., Netherton
Richard Beaumont, Honley
Joseph Blackburn, Crossland
William Calvert, Netherton
Jonathan Charlesworth & Co., Deanhouse
William Dawson, Berry Brow
Samuel Drake, Honley
Francis Duce, Crossland
Abraham Dyson & Co., Honley
Amos Farrand & Co., Farnley Tyas
Joseph France, Honley
Henry Garnett, Netherton
Richard Haigh, Honley (& druggist)
George Hallas, Honley
Batley Morris Hanson, Honley
George Helliwell, Honley
Lavinia Ann Hinchliffe, Honley
Thomas Hutchinson, Berry Brow
Joseph Ibbeson, Honley
Thomas Kaye, Honley
George Lodge, Ketlock
Joseph Midwood, Honley
Luke Milnes, Crossland
Thomas Moore, Netherton
Edward Moorehouse, Netherton
George North, Honley
Richard Oldfield, Netherton
John Owen, Honley
Charles Parkin, Netherton
William Parkins, Wood Bottom
George Platt, Deanhouse
Richard Foster Poole, Park Gate
John Quarmby, Crossland
William Sanderson, Honley
Abraham Sharp, Crossland Edge
Thomas Shaw, Berry Brow
Thomas Slater, Honley
Samuel Stocks, Berry Brow
William Sugden, Honley
James Swift, Honley
Joshua Sykes, Steps
Joseph Theaker, Honley
Joseph Thornton & Co., Honley
Lydia Whitworth, Honley
William Wilkinson, Honley (and draper and druggist)
Henry Wilson, Honley
John Wilson & Co., Honley
Thomas Winpenny, Berry Brow
George Wood, Honley
Godfrey Woodhead, Honley


William Bottomley, Honley (& millwright)
Joseph Carter, Honley (weavers' machine)

See also Merchants & Manufacturers.

George Boothroyd, Honley
John Boothroyd & Son, Honley
Frederick Donkersley, Thirsting
John Donkersley, Honley
John Firth, Crossland Mill
Benjamin France & Son, Honley
John France, Honley
Walter France, Honley
Joseph Hawkyard, Honley
John Heap, Oldfield
Joseph Heap, Oldfield
Abraham Hirst, Hagg
Charles Hirst, Hagg
John Hirst, Honley
George Kinder, Honley
Benjamin Littlewood, Honley
Henry Littlewood, Berry Croft
John Littlewood, Honley
Joseph Littlewood, Reigns
Benjamin Mellor, Honley
John Nowell, Farnley Wood (and cassinetts, &c.),
William Nowell, Farnley Wood (and cassinetts, &c.)
George Platt, Deanhouse
George & Robert Roebuck, Thirsting, Honley
Jonathan Roebuck, Thirsting, Honley
George Sanderson, Honley
John Sanderson, Honley
Luke Sanderson, Honley
Thomas Sanderson , Honley
William Sanderson, Honley
David Shaw, Son & Co., Honley
John Taylor, Honley
Nathan Taylor, Honley

See also Manufacturers of Fancy Goods, and also Woollen Cloth Manufacturers.

Beaumont & Stocks, Honley
John Brooke & Son, Honley
Benjamin Mellor, Honley
David Shaw, Son & Co., Honley
Walter Williams & Henry Stables, Crossland
Vickermans' and Beaumonts', Steps Mill, Honley
John Wrigley & Sons, Netherton
Joseph Wrigley & Thomas Cockhill & Co., Dungeon Mill, Crossland


Bethel Holroyd, Netherton
Thomas Kershaw, Netherton
Thomas Lee, Crossland


John Dyson, Honley
Edward Lees, Honley


Andrew Atha, Honley
Edward Barrowclough, Honley
Joseph Castle, Honley
William Castle, Honley
David Haigh, Farnley Tyas
Robert Lodge, Honley
Matthew Riley, Park Gate
Charles Sanderson, Honley
William Schofield, Honley
Richard Seymour, Netherton
Joseph Sharp, Farnley Tyas
James Swift, Honley
Charles Thornton, Honley


Joseph Kaye & John, Farnley Tyas
Jonathan William Roberts, Farnley Tyas
Waide Wood, Honley


Beaumont's Arms, William Barker, Netherton
Black Bull, Benjamin Naylor, Armitage Bridge
Coach and Horses, Thomas Scholefield, Honley
Commercial Inn, Thomas Hinchliffe, Honley
Fleece, James Barker, Crossland
George & Dragon, Sarah Haigh, Honley
Golden Cock, John Kaye, Farnley Tyas
Jacob's Well, Jacob Hanson, Honley
King's Arms, John Murgatroyd, Crossland
Robin Hood, Mark Hirst, Park Gate
Rock, Amos Hellawell, Smithy Place
Rose & Crown, Crispin Mellor, Netherton
Travellers' Inn, Ann Baxter, Neeleys
Travellers' Inn, Joeph Brayshaw, Crossland
Waggon & Horses, William Catton, Crossland Moor
Waggon & Horses, William Heely, Honley
Wheat Sheaf, George Haigh, Honley

Retailers of Beer.

William Bates, Honley
Charles Boothroyd, Honley
Joshua Brook, Dungeon Bottom
Amelia Dyson, Park Gate
George Dyson, Park Gate
George Heap, Oldfield
Joseph Lister, Berry Brow
Jonathan Lunn, Netherton
Hannah Marsh, Honley
William Marsh, Park Lane Bottom
Christopher Mellor, Netherton
John Sanderson, Honley
Charles Senior, Honley
Thomas Senior, Moor Bottom
Joseph Shaw, Berry Brow
Sarah Stockwell, Honley
Thomas Sutclilfe, painter, Honley
Ann Wilson, Netherton
George Woodhouse, Oldfield


James Blakey, Netherton
Thomas Eastwood, Honley
William & Edmund Parkin, Netherton
John Smith, Crossland


James Brooksbank, Crossland
James Eastwood, Nab Croft
William Eastwood, Farnley Tyas
William Eveson, Crossland Moor
George Mellor, Netherton


John Bates, Crossland
Beaumont and Stocks, Honley
James Beaumont, Crossland Moor
Miles Brook, Reigus
Richard Brook, Crossland
John Brooke and Son, Honley
John Crosland, Crossland Moor
Benjamin Donkersley, Honley
Brothers Donkersley, Wood Bottom
John Donkersley, Honley
Godfrey Drake, Honley Moor
Eli Dyson, Netherton
Thomas Dyson, Netherton
James Eastwood, Crossland Moor
Joseph Eastwood & Brothers, Deanhouse
Benjamin France, Crossland Moor
John France, Honley
John Haigh, Honley
Joseph Haigh, Hall lng
Joseph Haigh, Honley
Michael Haigh, Crossland
Richard Haigh Jnr., Honley
Walker Haigh, Crossland
Walter Haigh, Honley
William Haigh, Crossland
William Haigh Jnr., Honley
John Heap, New Hagg
Jonathan Heap, Deanhouse
Joseph Heap, Honley
Samuel Heap, Honley
George Hellawell, Honley
Jesse Hellawell, Honley
Samuel Hellawell, Honley
Abraham Hirst, Hagg
Charles Hirst, Hagg
David Hobson, Honley
Eli Hobson, Upper Hagg
John & Jonas Hobson, Knowl Top
Thomas Hobson, Smithy Place
Charles Lee, Honley
David Lee, Honley
Law Lee, Honley
Abraham & Hiram Littlewood, Deanhouse
Benjamin Littlewood, Honley
John Littlewood, Honley
Thomas Littlewood, Honley
Francis Lunn, Honley
Benjamin Mellor, Honley
John Mellor, Farnley Hey
David Mettrick, Honley
John Nowell, Farnley Wood (kerseymeres, &c.)
William Nowell, Farnley Wood (kerseymeres, &c.)
Jonathan Roberts, Honley
Joseph Roberts, Holmroyd Nook
John Roebuck, Honley
John Roebuck & Son, Honley Wood Nook
James Schofield & Son, Honley
Joshua & Edward Schofield, Honley
Benjamin Scholefield, Farnley Hey
David Shaw, Son & Co., Honley
George Shaw, Farnley Tyas
Walter Williams & Henry Stables, Crossland
James Sykes, Netherton
Joseph Sykes, Honley
Joseph Sykes Jnr., Honley
Edward Taylor, Crossland
Joseph Theaker, Honley
John Townsend, Netherton
Vickermans' and Beaumonts', Steps Mill, Honley
John Wrigley & Sons, Netherton
Joseph Wrigley & Thomas Cockhill & Co. Dungeon Mill, Crossland
Robert Wrigley, Netherton


Edward Beaumont, ironmonger, Honley
William Catton, cattle dealer, Crossland moor
Edwin France, plumber, Honley
Joseph Haigh, coal master, Hall Ing
George Helliwell, travelling woollen draper, Hall Ing
Samuel Helliwell, travelling woollen draper, Honley
John Holmes, tinman and brazier, Honley
John Horsfall, hair dresser, Honley
George Jessop, drysalter and oil dealer, Honley
Benjamin Kaye, saddler, Honley
Thomas Kaye, tallow chandler, Honley
Joseph Kilner, heald and slay maker, Honley
George Kinder, waste dealer, Honley
CharIes James Lancaster, relieving officer, Hagg
William Lee, size maker, Honley
Joseph Midwood, tallow chandler, Honley
Joseph Riley, stone mason, Honley
Elizabeth Schofield, milliner & dressmaker, Honley
Thomas Sutcliffe, painter, Honley
Thomas Thornton, green grocer, Honley
John Wilson & Co., corn millers, Banks Mill


To HOLMEFIRTH, an Omnibus (from Huddersfield), calls at the Jacob's Well, Honley, every morning, at half-past ten.
To HUDDERSFIELD, an Omnibus (from Holmefirth), calls at the above house, every evening at seven.


To HUDDERSFIELD, Joseph Firth, and George Saunderson, from their houses, Honley, every Tuesday, Wednesday, & Saturday ; and Joseph Walter, from Farnley Tyas, every Tuesday.

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