Pigot and Co.'s National Commercial Directory of 1834

The Huddersfield portion of the Pigot and Co.'s National Commercial Directory of 1834 is reproduced below.

For the purposes of the transcription, entries have been reformatted to: firstname surname, location (extra details)

The following is a transcription of a historic document and may contain occasional errors.


Huddersfield is a populous and flourishing manufacturing and market town and township ; and by the Reform Bill created a parliamentary borough, in the parish of its name, in the Wapentake of Agbrigg, West Riding ; 189 miles from London, 40 s.w. from York, 24 e. from Manchester, 16 s.w. from Leeds, 14 s. from Bradford, and 7 s.s.e. from Halifax. The town, which derives its name from Oder or Hudder, the first Saxon colonist in the place, is situated on the high road between Manchester and Leeds, partly on the declivity, and partly on the summit of an eminence, which is surrounded by others of superior height, while the river Colne glides through the valley. The houses are principally built of light-coloured stone, in a neat style, and the general appearance of the town, which has of late years wonderfully increased in magnitude, is of a character calculated to inspire the traveller with the impression that its inhabitants are wealthy and respectable. Sir John Ramsden, Bart, is lord of the manor, and the almost sole proprietor of the property here. This gentleman holds a court-leet once a year, at Almondbury ; a court of requests for the recovery of debts under 40s. is held in a neat building in Queen Street, where, also, the magistrates sit on Tuesdays and Saturdays ; and a court is held twice in the year, at the George Inn, for the liberty of the honour of Pontefract, for pleas of debt or damages under £5. Huddersfield, under the provisions of the Reform Bill, sends one member to parliament. The number of persons, however, entitled to exercise the elective franchise in the borough, is little more than six hundred, of whom only four hundred and eighty-nine voted at the last election (January 1834), when the candidates put in nomination were :— Blackburn, Esq. M.T., Sadler, Esq. and Captain Wood. The first-named gentleman was elected by a considerable majority, having polled 234 votes, Mr. Sadler 147, and Captain Wood 108. The new Boundary Act (an appendage to the Reform Bill,) defines the limits of the borough to comprise the entire township of Huddersfield ; and the same appoints the town as one of the stations for receiving votes at the election of members to represent the West Riding.

The manufactures of Huddersfield and neighbourhood are principally woollens, and consist of broad and narrow cloths, serges, kerseymeres, cords, &c.; fancy goods, to a great extent, are also made here, embracing shawls and waistcoatings in great variety, besides articles from silk. The cotton trade is also carried on, although nothing to be compared in extent with the other branches already named. Amongst the principal buildings is the cloth-hall, erected by Sir John Ramsden, in the year 1765. It is a large circular edifice, two stories high, divided, on the one side, into separate compartments, or shops, and, on the other, into open stalls, for the accommodation of the country manufacturers of woollen cloths. There are also two central avenues of stalls, for the same purpose, and the number of manufacturers now attending there on the market day (Tuesday) is about 600. If to this be added, the great number (particularly in the fancy line) who have ware-rooms in various parts of the town, some estimate may be formed of the immense extent of business transacted weekly in Huddersfield. The doors are opened early in the morning of the market-day, and closed at half-past twelve o'clock at noon, they are again opened at three in the afternoon, for the removal of cloth, &c. Above the entrance is placed a cupola, in which is a clock and bell, used for the purpose of regulating the time allowed for doing business.

The inland navigation of Huddersfield affords to its trade the most ample advantages, both to the east and to the west ; the Ramsden and Huddersfield canals communicating with others and their branches, an intercourse is kept up with all the great commercial and manufacturing towns. There are many streams in the neighbourhood, and the rivers Holme and Colne here unite and fall into the Calder, three miles below the town. Upon these streams a number of mills are erected, principally employed in the manufacture of woollens, and fulling and washing the cloth, &c. The town is chiefly supplied with coal from collieries at Mirfield, Emley Moor and Upper Flockton, and is well lighted with gas, the streets well paved and cleaned, and their general aspect highly creditable to the inhabitants.

The edifices constructed for divine worship and belonging to the town, are St. Peter's — the parish church, a building of ancient and stately appearance ; it was rebuilt in the reign of Henry the 7th, and steps are now being taken for its thorough repair. The living is a vicarage, in the patronage of Sir John Ramsden, and incumbency of the Rev. J.C. Franks, whose curate is the Rev. J. Pope. — Trinity church, is a beautiful Gothic structure, erected at an expense of £12,000, by B.H. Allen, Esq. of Greenhead, in 1819 ; the incumbent is the Rev. H. Withy ; the living is in the gift of Mrs. Davies, late the widow of the founder. — St. Paul's church, is a recent erection, having been raised in 1831 : in the early English style of architecture, the patronage is in the vicar, and the present incumbent is the Rev. J. Bywater. The other places of worship in and near the town are two large chapels belonging to the Methodists, and others for the use of the baptists, independents, society of friends, and Catholics. The chapel of the latter is a very ornamental edifice, and that of the Methodists, in Queen street, one of the largest in the kingdom. The principal charitable institution is an infirmary, lately erected on the Halifax road, and which, in addition to the laudable purposes for which it was established, is a considerable acquisition to the town in point of ornament. There are also bible and other societies for the diffusion of religious knowledge ; a mechanics' institute, established in 1825 ; numerous Sunday schools, and one, upon an excellent principle, for the instruction of infants.

Naturally this part of the country is barren and unproductive, but its local advantages for manufacture, from its waterfalls, and having coal mines contiguous, has caused the assemblage of a great population ; and the soil has gradually yielded to the labours of the agriculturist and husbandman, until at length it has become valuable, and available to the wants of those who have established themselves upon it. The surrounding hills, therefore, are now cultivated to their summits, from which the views are very extensive, particularly that from Castle Hill, from whence, on a clear day, may be obtained a glimpse of York cathedral. There are many handsome residences in the neighbourhood, and about three quarters of a mile from the town are Lockwood Waters, noticed more at large in our sketch of that village. The market day is Tuesday, which is well supplied with every necessary. The fairs are March 31st, May 4th, and October 1st, for cattle and horses ; the May fair is the principal one.

By the parliamentary returns for 1811, the whole parish of Huddersfield contained 18,182 inhabitants, in 1821, 24,220, and in 1831, 31,041, of which last number 19,035 were returned for the township, being an increase in twenty years of upwards of eleven thousand in the township, and of more than twenty-six thousand in the entire parish.

Almondbury is a populous township and respectable village, in the extensive parish of its name, the village being situated about 2 miles s.e. of Huddersfield, on the road leading to Penistone.

The parish of Almondbury is of great importance, both as respects its commerce and its great extent, being nearly ten miles in length, and embracing within its limits many populous townships and villages, such as Lockwood, Honley, Crossland, Holmefirth, Meltham, Linthwaite, parts of Marsden, Slaithwaite, &c. The manufactures are of the same nature as those of Huddersfield, for which there are numerous establishments in the township and its vicinage. Sir John Ramsden is lord of the manor, and holds a court-leet annually in October ; when constables and other officers are appointed, and cases of damage and trespass adjudged. The parish church, which is dedicated to All Saints, is an ancient edifice of Gothic architecture, with a square tower : the ceiling of the interior is decorated with various antique figures and devices : the living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Governors of Clitheroe ; and incumbency of the Rev. Lewis Jones, whose curate is the Rev. David James. In the village is a chapel for Wesleyan Methodists. The free grammar school here was founded in the reign of James 1st ; the income is derived from land and rent charges, devised by Robert Nettleton, and other benefactors. The parish contained, in 1821, 23,979 inhabitants, and in 1831, 30,606, of which last number 7,086 were returned for the township.

Lockwood is a village and township, in the parish of Almondbury, and same Wapentake as Huddersfield, now nearly united to that populous and flourishing town ; it is beautifully situated in the valley of Holme, and in the midst of a romantic and finely sheltered country. The great attraction of this place is its spa and baths. The water is highly esteemed for its medicinal properties, and the baths, which afford ample accommodation for visitors, embrace swimming, warm, shower, vapour, sulphurous, fumigating, and shampooing. For the latter process a native of India has been engaged, and the estimation in which the Lockwood waters are held, is attested by the fact of upwards of ten thousand baths having been taken there during the past season. There is now a good Inn close to the baths. For the accommodation of the increasing population, a church has also been erected, of which the Rev. Joseph Hughes is the incumbent ; and other improvements are rapidly taking place, doubtless caused by the prosperous state of its manufactures, which are of the same character as those of its extensive neighbour, Huddersfield. The other places of worship are, two chapels for the particular baptists. The number of inhabitants in the township, in 1821, amounted to 1,881, and in 1831, to 3,134.

Lindley, or Lindley-cum-Quarmby, is a township, in the parish of Huddersfield, about two miles s.w. of that town. The manufacture of woollen goods is carried on extensively in the township. In 1829 a church was erected here by the parliamentary commissioners, in the early style of English architecture. The living is in the gift of the Vicar of Huddersfield, and the present incumbent is the Rev. John Classon Courtney. The other places of worship are, two chapels for Methodists, and one for baptists. A school is conducted here upon the national plan. The township contained, at the last census, 2,306 inhabitants.

Deighton and Sheepridge form a populous portion of the hamlet of Fartown, in the parish of Huddersfield, about two miles n.e. by e. from that town. The manufacture of velveteen and woollen cords are the branches prevailing here. In 1824, Christ Church, a beautiful & chaste edifice — the architecture in the style of the 13th century, was erected at Woodhouse, at the expense of John Whitacre, Esq., in whom and his heirs, by act of parliament, is vested the patronage of the living : the present incumbent is the Rev. W. C. Madden. The Methodists have a place of worship here. Population returned with the parish.

Paddock is a populous hamlet, in the parish of Huddersfield, of which it may now be considered as forming a part : it contains the church of All Saints, a handsome structure, erected in 1829 : the living is in the patronage of the Vicar of Huddersfield : the present incumbent is the Rev. E. Brown. The society of friends have a meeting-house in this hamlet. Population returned with the parish.


Post Office

  • Huddersfield, New Street, William Moore, Post master
  • Lockwood, James Tilburn, Post master

Gentry & Clergy

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Allen, Winnestfield Allen
  • Mrs. Sarah, Buxton Road
  • Mr. Law Atkinson, Highfield
  • Mrs. Ann Mary Atkinson, Aspley
  • Mrs. Ann Bates, Queen Street
  • Benjamin North Rockley Batty, Esq., Thorp Villa
  • Mrs. Bentley Lockwood
  • Misses Sarah & Margaret Berry, Newtown
  • Mrs. Margaret Booth, Greenside
  • Rev. Benjamin Boothroyd, Highfield
  • James Brook, Esq., Thornton Lodge
  • Rev. John Bywater, Croft Head
  • Mrs. Mary Clay, Greenside
  • Mr. Richard Clay, Rose Villa
  • Rev. John Coates, Almondbury
  • Mr. William Cooper, Fixby Hall
  • Rev. John Classon Courtney, Lindley
  • Mr. Charles Crowther, Lockwood
  • Rev. Edward Acton Davies, Greenhead
  • Rev. William Dyer, Lockwood
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Eastwood, Lockwood
  • Mrs. Fenton, Spring Grove
  • Mr. Thomas Firth, Toothill
  • Rev. James Clarke Franks, Vicarage, Kirkgate (surrogate)
  • Rev. John Gilderdale, Edgerton Lodge
  • Mrs. Haigh, West Parade
  • Mrs. Harriet Haigh, Westfield
  • Mrs. Hastings, Buxton Road
  • Miss Mary Ann Hawxby, Greenside
  • Mrs. Sarah Houghton, Kirkgate
  • Mrs. Priscilla Hudson, Greenhead
  • Rev. Joseph Hughes, Lockwood
  • Rev. Robert Hyde, Salendine Nook
  • Rev. David James, Almondbury
  • Sir John Lister Lister Kaye, Denby Grange
  • Rev. Thomas Francis Keiley, Halifax Road
  • Mr. Thomas Kilner, Croft head
  • Miss Eliza Leigh, Upperhead Row
  • Miss Maria Madden, Bath Buildings
  • Rev. Wyndham Carlian Madden, Woodhouse, Parsonage
  • Mr. Thomas Marshall, Thorp
  • Mr. George Needham, Lockwood
  • Mr. Richard Oastler, Fixby
  • Rev. John Pope, West Parade
  • Rev. John Poynder, Lockwood
  • Mrs. Mary Priest, Queen Street
  • Stansfield Rawson, Esq., Gledhold
  • Mrs. Ridewood, West Parade
  • Jeremiah Riley, Esq., Birkby
  • Thomas Robinson, Esq., Birkby
  • Mr. John Smith, Fenny Hall
  • Thomas Starkey, Esq., Springwood
  • Mr. William Stocks, Trinity Street
  • Mr. William Thornton, Lindley
  • Rev. John Thorpe, South Parade
  • Mr. John Thwaites, Lindley
  • Mr. John Wilkinson Wasney, New Street (barrister)
  • Mrs. Eliza Waterhouse, Lindley
  • John Whitacre, Esq., Woodhouse
  • Rev. Henry Withy, Westfield
  • Rev. Jonathan Wood, Lowerhead Row

Academies & Schools

Those not otherwise described are Day Schools.

  • Ann Armitage, Almondbury
  • Atkinson & Lee, Westfield (ladies' boarding)
  • Jonas Binns, Northgate
  • Sarah Clarke, Cross Church Street
  • Elizabeth Coates, Buxton Road (ladies' boarding)
  • William Dearden, King Street (gents' boarding)
  • Eliza Elgood, Queen Street
  • Emma Fawcett, Bridge End
  • Free Grammar School, Almondbury (master: Rev. John Coates)
  • Rev. John Gilderdale, Edgerton Lodge (gents' boarding)
  • Elizabeth Hollinshead, Mold Green
  • School Infants', Spring Street (master: William Bell, mistress: Mary Bell)
  • William Kaye, New Street
  • John Mallinson, Almondbury
  • Sarah Mather, Lockwood
  • James Moseley, Upperhead Row
  • The Misses Moseley, Upperhead Row
  • John Moxon, Deighton
  • National School, Seed Hill (master: David Farrington, mistress: Eliza Stott)
  • National School, Lindley (master: Solomon Briggs)
  • Jonathan Peel, Lindley
  • Ezra Priestley, Spring Street
  • John Rayner, Paddock
  • Mary Robinson, Ramsden Street (ladies' boarding)
  • Richard Senior, Upperhead Row
  • Richard Shiers, Spring street
  • John Tattersfield, Chapel Hill
  • Susanna Taylor, Castle Gate
  • John Walker, Northgate
  • Elizabeth Witty, Springwood
  • Rev. Jonathan Wood, Cross Church Street (gents' boarding)


  • Aquila Houghton, Westgate
  • John Kent, Mold Green
  • John Kilner, Croft Head
  • George Shaw, Chapel Hill
  • John Taylor, South Parade


  • William Alderson, Navigation Warehouse, Aspley (to Sir John Ramsden, Bart.)
  • William Tasker Brook, Pack Horse Yard (to Hobson & Co., carriers)
  • John Harrop Dransfield, King Street (wool)
  • Thomas Hamer, High Street (wool & soap)
  • John Hawxby, New Street (& share broker)
  • John Kilner, Croft Head (wool)
  • John Lockwood, Westgate (wool)
  • John Raistrick, Engine Bridge (to Huddersfield Canal Co.)
  • Charles Frederick Spencer, Market Street (commission, on Tuesday)
  • Henry Sunderland, King Street (worsted)
  • Benjamin Willans, King Street (soap, &c.)



  • John Allinson, New Street (and American sub-consul)
  • William Barker, New Street
  • Battye & Hesp, New Street
  • Daniel Crosland Battye, Market Walk
  • Henry Booth, Queen Street
  • Thomas Brook, King Street
  • John Rhodes & William Clough, King Street
  • James Crosland Fenton, King Street
  • Jacomb & Tindale, Market Street (William Jacomb, commissioner for taking affidavits in court of king's bench, Ireland, and commissioner of bankrupts)
  • James Campey Laycock, King Street (& clerk to the magistrates)
  • John Peace, Corn Market
  • Whitehead & Robinson, Market Place

Auctioneers & Appraisers

  • William Bradley, Commercial Buildings
  • William Hayley, Castle Gate
  • John Lancaster, Queen Street

Bakers & Flour Dealers

  • Anby Beatson, Buxton Road
  • Margaret Chaloner, Westgate
  • Hannah Priestley, Westgate
  • Sarah Sutcliffe, Kirkgate


  • Huddersfield Banking Co., Clothhall Street (draw on Smith, Payne, and Smiths, London) (manager: Hugh Watt)
  • Mirfield & Huddersfield District Banking Co., Market Place (draw on Masterman & Co., London) (manager: John Wilson)
  • John, William & Christopher Rawson and Co., New Street (draw on Glyn and Co., London)
  • Savings Bank, High Street (actuary: John Taylor)

Basket Makers

  • Rowland Abbey, Market Place
  • James Atkinson, Westgate
  • John Haigh, Rosemary Lane
  • Joseph Scowby, New Street
  • Francis Wilkinson, Manchester Street


  • Joseph Whalley, Lockwood


  • Joseph Armitage, Lockwood
  • Joseph Barker, Leeds Road
  • Joseph Beaumont, Almondbury
  • William Beaumont, Almondbury
  • John Boothroyd, Fenny Bridge
  • John Crosley, Kirkgate
  • Kaye Eastwood, Swan Yard
  • William Eastwood, Sheepridge
  • William Gibson, Swan Yard
  • Martin Gledhill, Lindley
  • John Greenwood, Albion Street
  • Joseph Hepworth, Lockwood
  • David Morton, Cuckolds Clough
  • John Naylor, Cowcliff
  • William Parker, Kirkgate
  • Thomas Quarmby, Lockwood
  • Joseph Sharp, Hill House
  • John Sizer, Chapel Hill
  • Luke Turner, Manchester Street
  • Thomas Wood, Mold Green
  • John Woodhead, Lowerhead Row


  • John Shaw, Mold Green

Booksellers, Stationers & Binders

  • Joseph Brook, Westgate
  • Sarah Garnett, Westgate
  • Thomas Kemp, New Street
  • Tomas Green Lancashire, Market Place
  • William Moore, Market Place
  • Pass & Roebuck, King Street
  • Thomas Smart, King Street

Boot & Shoe Makers

  • Michael Adamson, Bradley Street
  • Joseph Ainley, Paddock
  • John Bedford, Mold Green
  • Samuel Berry, Longroyd Bridge
  • Joseph Best, Castle Gate
  • Richard Bray, Deighton
  • Reuben Broadbent, Leeds Road
  • John Buckley, Longroyd Bridge
  • William Burgoine, Greenside
  • Isaac Burkitt, Mold Green
  • James Cliff, Swan Yard
  • Thomas Craven, Lindley
  • Richard Crowther, Paddock
  • Thomas Crowther, Upperhead Row
  • Robert Dibb, New Street
  • William Elam, Mold Green
  • Joshua Field, Temple Street
  • David Hirst, Westgate
  • Joseph Horsfield, Paddock
  • John Hurtley, Lockwood
  • Henry Iredale, Lindley
  • Abraham Jagger, Lindley
  • James Jarratt, King Street
  • James Jepson, Paddock
  • Samuel Jolley, Paddock
  • John & Thomas Jones, Shambles
  • John Liddell, Market Place
  • Francis Messenger, Almondbury
  • Miles Netherwood, Hill House
  • Thomas Norton, Fenny Bridge
  • William Oades, Lowerhead Row
  • Jeremiah Oates, King Street
  • John Parker, Manchester Street
  • Richard Petty, Lindley
  • John Pilling, Castle Gate
  • James Powell, Kirkgate
  • William Radcliff, Quarmby
  • Joseph Riley, Shore head
  • Joseph Robshaw, Kirkgate
  • Thomas Robson, King Street
  • John Schofield, Kirkgate
  • James Sheard, Spring Street
  • John Shepherd, Hill House
  • Robert Smith, Lindley
  • Benjamin Stanley, King Street
  • William & Thomas Stansfield, Manchester Street
  • George Starkey, King Street
  • Benjamin Swift, Lowerhead Row
  • Cain Sykes, Sheepridge
  • John Sykes, Fixby
  • George White, Almondbury
  • John Wilkinson, Lindley
  • William Wilson, Manchester Street


  • David Bakewell, Upperhead Row
  • George Johnson, Upperhead Row
  • Thomas Johnson, New Town


  • Tim Bentley, Lockwood (executors of)
  • Thomas Blenkhorn, Aspley
  • Jonathan Crawshaw, New Town
  • James & Co., Mills, Quay Street
  • William & Sons Rhodes, King Street (black beer)
  • Joseph Sutcliffe, Fenny Bridge
  • Thomas Wilson, Birkby

Brush Manufacturers

  • Jeremiah Young, New Street


  • John Abbott, Market Walk
  • Joseph Armitage, Buxton Road
  • Thomas Astwick, Shambles
  • William Atkinson, Lowerhead Row
  • Joseph Beaumont, Westgate
  • Joseph Briggs, Beast market
  • Richard Brook, Kirkgate
  • William Carver, Westgate
  • William Dodgson, Almondbury
  • John Dodson, Engine Bridge
  • George Dyson, Paddock
  • Robert Dyson, Paddock
  • William Eastwood, Shambles
  • Robert Ewart, Shambles
  • Samuel Fawcett, Lindley
  • John Garlick, Shambles
  • John Golden, King Street (pork)
  • William Golden, Cross Church Street (pork)
  • John Hepworth, Paddock
  • Thomas Hill, Mold Green
  • John Hirst, Lindley
  • Thomas Hirst, Shambles & Lindley
  • Thomas Hudson, Shambles
  • Joseph Kaye, Cross Church Street
  • Thomas Kaye, Granby Street
  • Edward Lockwood, Shambles
  • James North, Greenside
  • David Poppleton, Almondbury
  • Richard Poppleton, King Street
  • William Poppleton, Shambles
  • Thomas Radcliffe, Shambles
  • John Rhodes, Lindley
  • George Roebuck, Upperhead Row
  • Mark Senior, Rosemary Lane
  • Arthur Smiles, Lockwood
  • Joseph Smith, Shambles
  • Thomas Smith, New Street
  • J. Stringer, King Street
  • Ralph Sugden, Westgate & Fartown
  • William Sugden, Shambles
  • Joseph Sutcliffe, Fenny Bridge
  • Thomas Thornton, Kirkgate
  • William Thwait, Sheepridge
  • Thomas Townsend, Shambles
  • John Wadsworth, Shambles
  • Joshua & Law Walker, Kirkgate & Lockwood

Cabinet Makers & Upholsterers

See also Joiners & Cabinet Makers.

  • Henry Cresswell, New Street
  • Stephen Dickinson, King Street
  • John Flockton Snr. & Son, Market Place & Cross Church Street
  • John Hanson, New Street
  • Thomas Heavysege, Cross Church Street
  • William Moorhouse, Buxton Road
  • Joshua & James Moseley, Buxton Road
  • Thomas Pennington, Longroyd Bridge
  • James Wilson, Castle Gate
  • Thomas Winter, Spring Street

Carvers & Gilders

  • John Baptist Lombardine, Market Place
  • Edward Whiteley, High Street

China, Glass & Earthenware Dealers

  • John Clay, Market Place
  • John Freeman, King Street
  • William Horsfall, Market Walk
  • Norcliffe & France, Kirkgate
  • Joseph Todd, Upperhead Row

Chemists & Druggists

  • Joshua Broughton, King Street
  • William Paul England, Market Place
  • Jacob Fell, Market Place
  • John Fell, King Street
  • John Hargrave, Longroyd Bridge
  • Robert Robinson, Lockwood
  • Charles Spivey, Cross Church Street
  • Joseph Swift, Westgate
  • Taylor & Birch, King Street

Chemists: Manufacturing

  • Joshua Kaye, Mold Green
  • Thomas Whitehead, Lane Bridge
  • Richard Willett, Queen Street

Clog & Pattern Makers

  • James Armitage, Lockwood
  • Jonas Briggs, Longroyd Bridge
  • Benjamin Davison, Kirkgate
  • John Dougherty, Westgate
  • John Hindson, Longroyd Bridge
  • George Holden, Mold Green
  • John Hurtley, Lockwood
  • Sidney Mills, Longroyd Lane
  • William Rawnsley, Leeds Road
  • Joseph Walker, Mold Green
  • John Wilson, Lindley
  • Samuel Wood, King Street

Cloth Drawers & Letterers

  • George Dyson, Longroyd Bridge
  • Richard Milners, Halifax Road
  • James Scholefield, Macauley Street
  • Titus Scholefield, Longroyd Bridge
  • William Scholefield, Longroyd Bridge
  • John Smith, Upperhead Row
  • Thomas Swift, Castle Gate
  • Abraham Walker, Upperhead Row

Cloth Dressers, &c.

  • Joseph Armitage, Engine Bridge
  • David Berry, Lockwood
  • Joshua Binns, Fartown Green (& water proofer)
  • Thomas Blakey, Leeds Road
  • James Booth, Rosemary Lane
  • James Booth, Lowerhead Row
  • John Booth, Lowerhead Row
  • George Brook, Greenside
  • John Brook, Quarmby Cliff
  • Joseph Brook, Greenside
  • Joseph Brook, Beast Market
  • Hannah & George Clay, Beast Market
  • Benjamin Crookes, Cowcliff
  • Ard Crosland, Lindley
  • Jonathan Crosland, Engine Bridge
  • George Crowther & Co., Paddock
  • George Dyson, Paddock
  • John Dyson, Albion Street
  • William Firth, New Town
  • John Goulter, Castle Gate
  • Thomas Greenwood, Helm Yard
  • John Haigh, Rushcliff
  • Joshua Hallawell, Greenside
  • William & John Hanson, High Street
  • Thomas Hartley, Greenside
  • Benjamin Hirst, Lowerhead Row
  • Humphrey Holroyd, Northgate
  • John Holroyd, Fixby
  • Joseph Johnson, Outcoat Bank
  • Matthew Leadbeater, Quay Street
  • James Leech, Mold Green
  • Lumb & Haigh, Longroyd Bridge
  • Benjamin Lunn, Sunny Bank
  • George Lunn, Birkby
  • James Lunn, Birkby
  • Levi Lunn, Paddock
  • Abraham Malinson, Greenside
  • Joseph Milnes, Marsh
  • Phineas Murgatroyd, Croppers Row
  • William Payne, Castle Gate
  • William Robinson, Bay Hall
  • William Roebuck, Manchester Street
  • Joseph Shaw, Lane
  • John Smith, Marsh
  • Joseph Stockwell, Engine Bridge
  • James Sykes, Silk Street
  • Thomas Sykes & Co., Aspley
  • William Sykes, New Town
  • William Tattersall, Birkby
  • Adam Thornton, Lindley
  • William Townend, Upperhead Row
  • Samuel Walker, Upperhead Row
  • Thomas Watson, Macauley Street
  • George Wilson, Lindley
  • James Wilson, Lindley
  • John Wilson, Lindley
  • John Wilson, Marsh
  • James Woodhouse, Lockwood
  • Joseph Woodhouse, Lindley

Clothes Dealers

  • James Beaumont, King Street
  • William Brier, Buxton Road
  • Christopher Dawson, King Street
  • Sarah Dewhurst, King Street
  • William Kirkby, King Street
  • James Mallinson, Northgate
  • Richard Moore, Buxton Road
  • John Noble, King Street
  • Joseph Wainhouse, King Street

Coal Merchants

  • Edwards Atkinson, Leeds Road
  • Hannah Blakeley, Longroyd Bridge
  • James Hutchinson, Lowerhead Row
  • Milns & Stansfield, Aspley (agent: Jonas Boocock)
  • Hannah & Waterhouse Co., Lindley
  • William Waterhouse, Fixby
  • Nathan Whitley, Almondbury

Comb Manufacturers

  • Farrar & Cowley, Castle Gate
  • William Grey, Kirkgate

Commissioners for Taking Special Bail

  • Francis Dalton, Queen Street
  • John Taylor, South Parade


  • William Golden, Cross Church Street
  • Aquilla Houghton, Westgate
  • Hannah Priestley, Westgate
  • John Priestley, King Street
  • Sarah Sutcliffe, Kirkgate
  • James Horsefield Wolstenholme, Temple Street (wholesale)


  • Rowland Abby, Market Place
  • Joseph Dunn, King Street
  • John & George Howe, King Street
  • Robert Howe, Lockwood
  • John Smith, Cross Church Street
  • John Sunderland, King Street
  • William Turner, Westgate
  • Thomas Walker, New Street

Copperas Manufacturers

See also Manufacturing Chemists.

  • Hannah Waterhouse & Co., Lindley
  • Nathan Whitley, Almondbury
  • Robert Wilkinson, Lindley

Corn & Flour Dealers

  • Ann Booth, Kirkgate
  • Joseph Brierley, Queen Street
  • James Brook, Buxton Road
  • Alfred O'Dwyer, Cross Church Street
  • George Parrish, Cross Church Street
  • John Pontey, Kirkgate
  • Richard Scholes & Son, Buxton Road
  • John Smith, New Street
  • Thomas Varley, Rosemary Lane
  • Jonathan Wilson, Upperhead Row

Cotton Spinners

  • Thomas Haigh, Colne Bridge & King Street
  • Scholes, Varley & Co., King Street (& manufacturers) (on Tuesday)
  • Peter Sevill, King's Head Yard (on Tuesday)
  • John Wood, Cross Church Street

Cotton Warp & Yarn Manufacturers & Dealers

  • Joseph Hepworth, Pack Horse Yard (& silk)
  • John Robson, Cross Church Street (& silk)
  • William Stocks Jnr., Chancery Lane (dealer)
  • John Wrigley (of Oldham), King Street (on Tuesday)

Curriers & Leather Cutters

  • Hannah Aspinall, Market Place
  • James Sutcliffe Broadbent, Clothhall Street
  • William Cawthra, Queen Street
  • George Clegg, King Street
  • Thomas Gledhill, Kirkgate
  • John Illingworth, New Street (leather seller)
  • Charlotte Sykes & Sons, Lindley
  • Terry & Nowell, Westgate
  • Robert Walton, New Street (leather seller)
  • John Wood, Albion Street

Drysalters & Oil Dealers

  • George Bradley, Kirkgate
  • John Firth, Clothhall Street
  • Joseph Firth, Beast market
  • David Howard, Fleece Yard
  • William Kilner, Market Street
  • John Rawdon (of Leeds), Marshall's Yard (on Tuesday)
  • Alexander Ross (of Bradford), Clothhall Street (on Tuesday)
  • John Smith, Mold Green


  • Alexander Alexander, Engine Bridge
  • John Anderson, Aspley
  • Joseph Batley (Armitage), Market Street (on Tuesday)
  • John Cliffe, Paddock
  • John Eastwood, Engine Bridge
  • Thomas & Luke Greenwood, Aspley
  • John Hall, Quarmby
  • David Hey & Son, Quay Street
  • Hannah Layton, Aspley
  • John Mitchell & Sons, Aspley
  • George Nortcliffe, Bay Hall
  • Benjamin Robinson, Lane
  • David Schofield, Longroyd Bridge
  • John Shaw, Mold Green

Earthenware Manufacturers

  • Edward Morton, Salendine Nook
  • John Morton, Salendine Nook

Fire, &c. Office Agents

  • Alliance — James Crosland Fenton, King Street
  • Atlas — Thomas Whitehead, Market Place
  • County (fire) & Provident (life) — William Barker, New Street
  • Eagle (life) — J.R. & W. Clough, King Street
  • Guardian — William Jacomb, Market Street
  • Law — Daniel Crosland Battye, Market Walk
  • Leeds & Yorkshire — James Campey Laycock, King Street
  • Manchester — John Taylor, South Parade
  • Phoenix — William Wigney, Market Place
  • Protector — J.R. & W. Clough, King Street
  • Exchange Royal — Thomas Pitt, King Street
  • Suffolk & County — John Allison, New Street
  • Sun — William Bradley, Commercial Buildings
  • Yorkshire — Robert Thomas Robinson, Market Place


  • Joseph Bradley, Shambles
  • Thomas Jones, Shambles

Flock Dealers

  • Abraham Ball (of Fixby)
  • William Blackburn (of Leeds), Westgate (on Tuesday)
  • William Buckley (of Rastrick), King's Head Yard (on Tuesday)
  • Matthew Hirst, Queen Street (& paper)

Fruiterers & Dealers in Game

  • John Downing, Market Place (fruiterer)
  • James Hirst, Pack Horse Yard
  • William Horsfall, Market Walk (fruiterer)
  • William Pearson, New Street
  • Joseph Wood, New Street

Fulling Millers

  • William Armitage, Paddock
  • George Brook, Fenay Beck
  • John Eastwood, Engine Bridge
  • Nowell, Cockhill & Bennett, Birk's Mill
  • Roberts Brothers, Bradley Spout
  • Taylor, Son & Gibson, Lockwood

Gardeners & Seedsmen

  • Thomas Aram, Manchester Street
  • William North, Kirkgate
  • John Parter, Kirkgate


See also Shopkeepers & Tea Dealers.

  • Joseph Abbey, Westgate
  • Joseph Baxter, Cross Church Street
  • Anby Beatson, Buxton Road
  • Thomas Beaumont, Kirkgate
  • dementia Berry, King Street
  • Charles Bradley, King Street
  • Henry Northrop Bradley, New Street
  • Thomas Bradley, Westgate
  • Richard Coad, Market Place
  • William Crook, King Street
  • John Dougill, King Street
  • Francis Downing, Market Place
  • William Ford, New Street
  • Joseph Hammond, Kirkgate
  • Joseph Harrison, King Street
  • William Hellawell, New Street
  • John Machan & John Robinson, Kirkgate
  • Samuel Oakes, Kirkgate
  • William Oddy, Upperhead Row
  • John Pontey, Kirkgate (& seedsman)
  • Joseph Robinson, Westgate


  • William Golden, Cross Church Street
  • Thomas Atkinson Heaps, Westgate

Hair Dressers

  • Godfrey Bates, Westgate
  • George Bayldon, Cross Church Street Brearley
  • George, Westgate
  • Richard Brook, King Street
  • Abraham Inmann, Buxton Road
  • John Liversidge, Buxton Road
  • Abraham Pilling, Buxton Road
  • Joseph Pilling, Beast Market
  • David Ream, Kirkgate (& perfumer)
  • Joseph Sugden, King Street
  • George Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Thomas Wilson, King Street
  • Joseph Woodcock, Lockwood


  • Thomas Bagshaw, Westgate
  • William Bayldon, New Street
  • Thomas Buck, Westgate (& hat manufacturer & furrier)
  • James Dawson, New Street
  • Joseph Denton, Cross Church Street
  • William Gee, Lockwood (manufacturer)
  • John Hellawell, Market Place
  • Jackson & Thornton, Westgate
  • David Ream, Kirkgate
  • John Taylor, New Street
  • Robert Walton, New Street
  • Launcelot Weatherburn, King Street

Hosiers & Glovers

  • James Dawson, New Street
  • Thomas Haigh, New Street
  • Benjamin Stanley, Westgate (& stocking manufacturer)
  • Thomas Statham, Kirkgate


See also Taverns & Public Houses. Those marked * are Posting Houses.

Iron & Brass Founders

  • Jonathan Brook, Longroyd Lane
  • John Hellawell Carter, Quay Street
  • Joseph Cliff, Leeds Road
  • Mills & Firth, Aspley
  • Thomas Shiers, Engine Bridge

Iron Dealers

  • Jonas Bradley, King Street
  • Hird, Dawson & Hardy, High Street


  • John Booth, Market Place
  • John Bradley, King Street
  • William Golden, Cross Church Street
  • Thomas Atkinson Heaps, Westgate
  • Robert Hird, Cross Church Street
  • George Johnson, Westgate
  • William Kaye, Cross Church Street (& toy dealer)
  • Martha Ludlam & Sons, New Street
  • William Parratt & Co., South Parade
  • Ebenezer Thornton, New Street

Joiners & Cabinet Makers

See also Cabinet Makers & Upholsterers

  • James Barber, Paddock
  • George Batty, Lockwood
  • James Brook, Buxton Road
  • James Brook, Mold Green
  • John Brook, Bradley
  • William Burman, Lockwood
  • John Cockin, Albion Street
  • James Cuthbert, Northgate
  • William Dalton, Almondbury
  • Joseph Denham, Birchen Cliff
  • William Denham, Commercial Street
  • William Denham, Lindley
  • William Denton, Mold Green
  • Joseph Durrans, Rosemary Lane
  • John Ellis, Chapel Hill
  • Joseph Entwisle, Castle Gate
  • William Fawcett, Swan Yard
  • John Flockton Snr. & Son, Market Place
  • Henry Gibson, High Street
  • John Greenwood, Engine Bridge
  • Marmaduke Greenwood, Albion Street
  • Isaac Hanson, Hill House
  • Edward Hill, Manchester Street
  • Joseph Holroyd Jnr., Mold Green
  • David Huby, New Street
  • Charles Kaye, Lockwood
  • John Kirk, Trinity Street
  • William Kirkby, King Street
  • Thomas Lord, Swan Yard
  • James Mellor, Mold Green
  • John Moseley, Market Street
  • Samuel Myers, Sheepridge
  • Paul North, Almondbury
  • Abraham Norton, Pack Horse Yard
  • Richard & Matthew Pennington, Chancery Lane
  • John Robinson, Jowitt square
  • John Rushworth, Lockwood
  • Shaw & Rushforth, Fleece Yard
  • John Smith, Upperhead Row
  • George Lot Wainhouse, Shore head
  • William Waite, Northgate
  • Robert Whiteley & Son, Greenside
  • William & Isaac Wilkinson, Dock Street
  • Thomas Winter, Spring Street

Libraries & News Rooms

  • Commercial News Room, Buxton Road (secretary: James Campey Laycock)
  • Conservative News Room, New Street (secretary: John Rhodes Clough)
  • Law Library, Market Place (librarian: Thomas Green Lancashire)
  • Mechanics' Institute Library, New Street (librarian: Thomas Kemp)
  • Moore William, New Street (circulating)
  • Subscription Library, Westgate (librarian: Joseph Brook)

Lime Burners

  • Joseph Bottomley, Leeds Road
  • Brook & Kaye, Aspley

Linen Drapers, Haberdashers, &c.

  • Rowland Abby, Market Place
  • Boothroyd, Brooksbank & Co., New Street
  • Sarah Bradley, Almondbury
  • James Dawson, King Street
  • Dyson & Shaw, New Street
  • John Dyson, Queen Street
  • Joseph Exton, King Street
  • Gregory & Poynter, New Street
  • Edward Henshall, Market Place
  • Frederick Hudson & Co., Market Place
  • Edwin Jackson, Market Place
  • Anthony Robert & John Jones, New Street
  • Lawrence Pitkethly, Buxton Road
  • Routlidge & Orrah, King Street
  • John Scott, Upperhead Row
  • Shaw & Dyson, King Street
  • Barnabas Shaw, Cross Church Street
  • Charles Spence, Lockwood
  • Weatherburn & Hollinshead, King Street

Listing Manufacturers

  • Crosland & Taylor, Engine Bridge
  • Abraham Hall, Quarmby Hall
  • William & Joseph, Quarmby
  • George Hattersley & Son, Lindley
  • Sykes & Walker, Engine Bridge
  • Joseph Walker & Sons, Lindley
  • Robert Walker, Lindley

Logwood Grinders

  • Ellam & Kirk, Bradley Mills
  • David Howard, New Town
  • Thomas Varley, Shore Foot Mills

Machine Makers

  • John Bottrill, Leeds Road
  • Benjamin Carter, Quay Street
  • Thomas Chadwick, Engine Bridge
  • Joseph Cliff, Leeds Road
  • Thomas Firth, John Street
  • John Greenwood, Mold Green (& weavers' joiner)
  • Joseph Harrison, Longroyd Lane
  • Mills & Firth, Aspley
  • Charles Oldfield, Mold Green (& weavers' joiner)
  • Thomas Shiers, Engine Bridge
  • Thomas & Frederick Swift, Mold Green (& weavers' joiners)


  • Godfrey Berry, New Street
  • George Clay, North Street
  • John Hudson, Woodhouse
  • William Jackson, Woodside
  • Jeremiah Marshall, Westgate
  • James Mills & Co., Quay Street
  • John North, Aspley

Manufacturers of Fancy Goods

  • Samuel Atkinson, Mold Green (worsted & woollen plaids)
  • Godfrey Berry, Lockwood
  • Godfrey Binns, Deighton
  • John Day, Mold Green
  • William Armitage Dodson, Thorpe
  • Joseph Dransfield, Mold Green
  • Henry Edwards, Bay Hall
  • Thomas Edwards, Bay Hall
  • Francis Farrand, Almondbury
  • Benjamin & John Farrar, Lockwood
  • Frederick France, Lockwood
  • Richard Gill, King Street & Almondbury
  • Benjamin Haigh, Paddock
  • William Horsfall & Co., Seed Hill
  • John Kaye, Almondbury
  • William Kaye, Almondbury
  • James Learoyd, Canal Bridge
  • William Learoyd, Canal Bridge
  • William Learoyd Jnr., Lane
  • David Lockwood, Temple Street
  • Joshua Lockwood, Upperhead Row
  • Lockwood, Stockdale & Co., Clothhall Street & at High Burton
  • John Midgley & Co., Almondbury
  • John Moody, Albion Street (shawls, &c.)
  • N.P. & H. Nathan, Bradley Spout
  • Thomas Newsome, Almondbury
  • George Nortcliffe, Bay Hall
  • William Nowell, Clothhall Street
  • William Nowell Jnr, Clothhall Street & at Lipton
  • Lawrence Pitkethly, Buxton Road (shawls, &c.)
  • John Redfern, Lane Dye House
  • Robinson & Lodge, Macaulay Street
  • William Robinson, Sheepridge
  • George Scholes, Sheepridge
  • Joseph Sugden, Almondbury
  • Luke Swallow, Commercial Buildings (shawls, &c.)
  • John Tate, Fixby
  • Beaumont Taylor, Mold Green
  • Charles Taylor & Sons, Almondbury
  • Ephraim Taylor, Almondbury
  • John Taylor, Clothhall Street & at Newsome
  • Taylor, Son & Gibson, Clothhall Street & at Manchester (cassinetts)
  • William & Joseph Taylor, Almondbury
  • William Thornton, Mold Green
  • Edward Tolson & Brothers, Clothhall Street
  • John & Thomas Vickerman, Almondbury
  • Charles Willans, Almondbury

Manufacturers of Fancy Goods

Attending Huddersfield Market on Tuesdays only. The names of Woollen Cloth Manufacturers, and others, attending the Cloth Hall on Tuesdays, with the numbers of the stands they occupy therein, may be obtained by applying to the keeper of the hall. Those marked * attend in King's Head Yard.

  • William Anderson (of Honley) *
  • Thomas Baxter (of Linthwaite) *
  • George Boothroyd (of Honley) *
  • John Boothroyd & Son (of Honley) *
  • George Broadbent (of Dalton), Chancery Lane
  • James Broadbent (of Kirkheaton) Chancery Lane
  • Thomas Brook (of Shelley) *
  • James Burnet (of Kirkheaton), Chancery Lane
  • Benjamin Donkersley (of Honley) *
  • John Donkersley (of Honley) *
  • Joseph, William & Thomas Field (of Skelmanthorp) *
  • David Fitton (of High Burton) *
  • Joseph Fitton (of High Burton) *
  • Robert Fitton (of High Burton) *
  • Benjamin France & Son (of Honley) *
  • Frederick France (of Honley) *
  • Eli Green (of Honley) *
  • John Haigh (of Honley) *
  • Joseph Hawkyard (of Honley) *
  • David Hallas (of Lepton), Chancery Lane
  • William Heppenstall (of Honley) *
  • George Hey (of Kirk Burton), Clothhall Street
  • John Hirst (of Honley) *
  • John Sunderland Hirst (of Conlersley), Clothhall Street
  • Matthias Holroyd (of Lepton), Clothhall Street
  • James Jenkinson (of Kirk Burton), Chancery Lane
  • Thomas Jessop (of Lepton) *
  • George Kinder (of Honley) *
  • William Kirby (of Kirkheaton), Clothhall Street
  • Benjamin Littlewood (of Honley) *
  • Benjamin Lockwood (of Kirk Burton), Chancery Lane
  • Lockwood, Stockdale & Co., (of High Burton), Clothhall Street
  • Matthew Lodge (of Lepton), Chancery Lane
  • Joseph Lunn (of Slaithwaite) *
  • David Marsden (of Lepton) *
  • William Nowell (of Farnley Wood), Clothhall Street
  • William Nowell Jnr. (of Lepton), Clothhall Street
  • John Pollard (of Dalton), Chancery Lane
  • William Pollard (of Dalton), Chancery Lane
  • Richard Quarmby (of Linthwaite) *
  • Jonathan Roebuck (of Honley) *
  • George Sanderson (of Honley) *
  • John Sanderson (of Honley) *
  • James Shaw (of Lepton) *
  • John Shaw (of Lepton) *
  • Jonathan Shaw (of Lepton) *
  • James Simeon (of Lepton) *
  • Robert Smith & Son (of Grange), Clothhall Street
  • James Taylor (of Honley) *
  • John Taylor (of Newsome), Clothhall Street
  • John Taylor (of Honley) *
  • Taylor, Son & Gibson (of Manchester), Clothhall Street (& cassinetts)
  • Robert Turner (of High Burton) *
  • Joseph Whiteley (of Linthwaite) *


  • Anderson, Tyne & Co., New Street
  • Joseph Armitage, Paddock
  • Richard Atkinson, Aspley Mill
  • William Walker Battye, King Street
  • Beaumont & Stocks, New Street
  • Beck & Livingstone, Paddock
  • Henry Brook & Sons, Northgate
  • Joshua Burns, Lockwood
  • Butterworth & Sons, Castle Gate, Leeds Road
  • William Cooke, Ramsden Street
  • George Crosland, Lindley
  • Rowland Crowther, Hill House
  • Day & Bottomley, Marsh House (& at Belfast, Ireland)
  • James Joseph Dent, Lowerhead Row
  • John & Edward Dent, Quay Street
  • John Fisher & Co., Clothhall Street
  • John Fox, Lindley
  • Aquilla Gaukrodger, New Street
  • Richard Gill, King Street & Almondbury
  • Haigh & Whiteley, High Street
  • David Haigh & Brothers, Quarmby
  • John Hannah & Co., Rosemary Lane
  • Henry Hare, Kirkgate
  • William Horsfall & Co., Seed Hill
  • Johnson, North & Johnson, Rosemary Lane
  • Thomas Johnson, Upperhead Row
  • Thomas Kilner & Son, Northgate
  • James Learoyd, Canal Bridge
  • William Learoyd, Canal Bridge
  • William Learoyd Jnr., Lane
  • Joseph Lees & Co., Almondbury
  • William Leigh & Son, Brook's Yard
  • John Lockwood, Westgate
  • Joshua Lockwood, Upperhead Row
  • Jasper McKean, Kirkgate
  • George Marshall, Sunny Bank
  • Maus & Robinson, Greenside (general commission)
  • John Moffett, Cross Church Street
  • Francis Morley, 3 High Street
  • Thomas Nelson & Co., Clothhall Street
  • Norris, Sykes & Fisher, Beast Market
  • J. North Jnr. & Co., Rosemary Lane
  • John Nowell, Almondbury
  • Pedley & Moore, Westgate
  • Henry Saffran, Macauley Street
  • Frederick Schwann, Westgate
  • David Shaw, Son & Co., High Street
  • John Shaw, Lockwood
  • John, William & Henry Shaw, Temple Street
  • William Shaw, Seed Hill
  • Aquilla Shepherd, Lowerhead Row
  • Walter Williams & Henry Stables, Buxton Road
  • Brothers Starkey, Longroyd Bridge
  • Swain & Webbs, Lowerhead Row
  • Luke Swallow, Commercial Buildings
  • Beaumont Taylor, Mold Green
  • John Taylor, Newsome
  • Joseph Turner, Rosemary Lane
  • John Vance & Co., Clothhall Street
  • Joseph Vickerman, Taylor Hill, Lockwood
  • Robert Welsh, Kirkgate
  • William & John Whitacre, Woodhouse
  • Thomas Wilkinson, Longroyd Bridge
  • Joseph Wrigley & Thomas Cockhill & Co., Albion Street

Merchants: Having Ware-Rooms Open in Huddersfield on Tuesdays

  • Armitage Brothers (of Milns-bridge), Market Walk
  • Thomas H. Barker (of Leeds), George Yard
  • Joshua Beaumont & Co., (of Honley), New Street
  • Bent & Co., (of Saddleworth), George Yard
  • J. Bottomley (of Greenfields), Marshall's Yard
  • John Brooke & Son (of Honley), Marshall's Yard
  • James Brown & Co., (of Leeds), Marshall's Yard
  • Bruce & Dorrington (of Leeds), Kirkgate
  • George Crosland (of Crossland Moor), Marshall's Yard
  • Stephen Mitchell (of Leeds), Market Street
  • William Nowell Jnr. (of Lepton), Clothhall Street
  • R. & J. Nussey (of Leeds), George Yard
  • William Henry Rawson (of Halifax), George Yard
  • William Smith (of Leeds), George Yard
  • Taylor, Son & Gibson (of Manchester), Clothhall Street
  • York & Sheepshanks (of Leeds), Croft Head

Millers: Corn

  • Jonathan Crowther & Sons, Newtown
  • Richard Scholes & Son, King's Mill
  • Thomas Varley, Shore Foot Mill

Milliners & Dress Makers

  • Elizabeth Aked, Albion Street
  • Elizabeth Atkinson, Chapel Hill
  • Sarah Atkinson, Buxton Road (& dealer in lace)
  • Sarah Balderson, Albion Street
  • Sarah Beaumont, Swan Yard
  • Elizabeth Burton, Cross Church Street
  • Mary Ann Eldridge, High Street
  • Mary Ellis, Northgate
  • M. Glover, Northgate
  • Mary & Ann Gummersall, Cross Church Street
  • Betsey Hirst, Manchester Street
  • Elizabeth Hirst, High Street
  • Elizabeth Hutchinson, Lowerhead Row
  • N.A. & M. Kirkpatrick, Commercial Street
  • Susanna Roper, Greenside
  • Elizabeth Royston, King Street
  • Elizabeth Shaw, Castle Gate
  • Mary Shaw, Cross Church Street
  • Hannah Wood, Upperhead Row


See also Iron Founders.

  • John Hellawell Carter, Quay Street
  • Enoch Taylor, Rash Cliff

Nail Makers

  • George Heppenstall, Manchester Street
  • John Jukes, Kirkgate
  • William Shaw, Engine Bridge

Painters: House, Sign, &c.

  • Henry Ashworth, Lockwood
  • John Backhouse, King Street
  • Henry Billington, Swan Yard
  • Clayton & Haigh, Kirkgate
  • John Flockton Jnr., Westgate
  • James Lucas, Kirkgate
  • William & George Lucas, Kirkgate
  • Thomas Lumb, Castle Gate
  • Isaac Payton Richardson, Northgate
  • Charles Smith, Lowerhead Row
  • William Sutcliffe, Upperhead Row
  • John Trumble, Northgate
  • Peter Trumble, Buxton Road
  • Abraham Walker, Swan Yard
  • William Waterhouse, Sheepridge
  • James Walker Wilson, New Street

Paper Manufacturers

  • John Whiteley & Co., Clothhall Street (works at Firth House Mill, Stainland)


  • James Balm, High Street
  • John Hanson, Market Walk

Pelt Dealers

  • Sarah Styring, Westgate
  • Robert Walton, New Street


  • William Turnbull, Queen Street
  • James Kenworthy Walker, South Parade


  • Thomas Clayton, Northgate
  • Jowitt & North, Northgate
  • John Jowitt, Castle Gate
  • Thomas Robinson, Clegg Lane
  • Joseph Stansfield, Lockwood

Plumbers & Glaziers

  • James Crowther, Almondbury
  • Joseph Crowther, Kirkgate
  • William Gawthorp, Westgate
  • George Hanson, Market Street
  • Thomas Hanson, Lockwood
  • Thomas Hayley, Market Place
  • John Newhouse, New Street
  • James Tiffany, Sheepridge
  • Henry Tomlinson, King Street

Porter Dealers

See also Wine & Spirit Merchants.

  • Robert Autey, King Street
  • John Dougill, King Street
  • John Downing, Market Walk
  • William Turner, Westgate

Printers: Letter Press

  • Joseph Brook, Westgate
  • Samuel Hodgson, Market Street (copper-plate printer & engraver)
  • Thomas Kemp, New Street
  • Thomas Green Lancashire, Market Place
  • William Moore, New Street
  • Pass & Roebuck, King Street
  • Thomas Smart, King Street

Professors & Teachers

  • Ignatius Borissow Christian, Queen Street (languages)
  • Henry Horn, Upperhead Row (music)
  • George Milnes, Northgate (portrait)
  • Martha Milns, Marsh (singing)
  • Thomas Parratt, South Parade (music)
  • James Peace, Albion Street (music)
  • George Dodgson Tomlinson, Market Street (drawing)
  • Joseph Witty, Springwood (drawing)

Provision Dealers

See also Shopkeepers.

  • John Dyson, King Street
  • Michael Fisher, King Street
  • James North, Beast Market

Rag Dealers

  • John Clay, Market Place
  • Joseph Todd, Upperhead Row

Rope Makers

  • Robert Bond, Longroyd Bridge
  • John Brownrigg, Kirkgate
  • Robert Dyson, Aspley
  • John Leece, Kirkgate
  • Benjamin Scott, Mold Green


  • Edward Bennett, Kirkgate
  • Thomas Bradley, New Street
  • Thomas Bradley Jnr., Westgate
  • James Crossley, Leeds Road
  • Thomas Herring, Cross Church Street
  • John Shaw, King Street
  • Thomas & Joseph Shearran, Almondbury
  • Samuel Walker, Lockwood
  • James Warburton, Mold Green

Scale Beam Makers

  • Thomas Atkinson Heaps, Westgate
  • Martha Ludlam & Sons, New Street (& weighing machine)

Scribbling Mills

  • William Armitage, Paddock
  • George Brook, Fenay Beck
  • James Crosland, Clough House Mill
  • John Haigh, Quarmby
  • Benjamin Hirst, Lowerhead Row
  • David Howard, Engine Bridge
  • Nowell, Cockhill & Bennett, Birk's Mill
  • Joseph Schofield, New Street
  • Richard Scholes, King's Mills
  • John Smith, Engine Bridge
  • Taylor, Son & Gibson, Lockwood
  • James Tyne & Sons, Engine Bridge

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries

See also Grocers and Tea Dealers.

  • Judith Abbey, Lockwood
  • William Armitage, Kirkgate
  • William Armitage, Lockwood
  • Benjamin Bentley, Manchester Street
  • Nancy Billington, Lowerhead Row
  • John Booth, Manchester Street
  • Joseph Booth, Kirkgate
  • Richard Booth, Longroyd Bridge
  • Mark Bottom, Paddock
  • Jane Brewer, Lowerhead Row
  • Thomas Heelis Broadbent, Castle Gate
  • Richard Brook, Greenside
  • Thomas Challand, Quay Street
  • Joshua Child, Sheepridge
  • Robert Clegg, Lockwood
  • John Clough, Castle Gate
  • John Cockhill, Almondbury
  • John Crooks, King Street
  • John Cushworth, Lockwood
  • Peter Dawson, Deighton
  • Thomas Dickinson, Westgate
  • John Durrans, Almondbury
  • William Dyson, Almondbury
  • Elizabeth Eagleton, Chapel Hill
  • Edward Ellis, Westgate
  • Richard Ewart, Leeds Road
  • Jonathan Fawcett, Rash Cliff
  • Richard Fawcett, Lindley
  • Betty Gledhill, Deighton
  • Samuel Greenwood, Mold Green
  • Eli Hanson, Manchester Street
  • Samuel Hill, Lockwood
  • John Hirst, Marsh
  • John Hirst, Deighton
  • Ann & Betty Johnston, New Street
  • James Jowett, Sheepridge
  • Mary Kaye, Almondbury
  • Peter Kaye, Engine Bridge
  • Eliza Lightfoot, Lockwood
  • James Love, Manchester Street
  • John Mellor, Almondbury
  • Samuel Midgley, Almondbury
  • William Midgley, Almondbury
  • Wellington Milns, Lockwood
  • Joseph Pearson, Lockwood
  • George Poynter, Greenside
  • James Priestley, Greenside
  • William Richardson, Longroyd Lane
  • Robert Rodgers, Castle Gate
  • George Roebuck, Upperhead Row
  • Charles Royston, Lindley
  • John Shaw, Lockwood
  • Jonathan Shore, Northgate
  • Charles Spence, Lockwood
  • John Spivey, Fenny Bridge
  • William Spivey, Kirkgate
  • William Stansfield, Manchester Street
  • William Stead, Almondbury
  • George Sykes, Paddock
  • Joseph Sykes, Paddock
  • Joseph Sykes, Lindley
  • Joseph Tate, Lockwood
  • Benjamin Taylor, Paddock
  • Grace Taylor, Market Street
  • George Thurgarland, Kirkgate
  • William Waddington, Longroyd Bridge
  • Edward Wainhouse, Lockwood
  • Benjamin King Walker, Longroyd Bridge
  • Erasmus Wear, Castle Gate
  • Samuel Whiteley, Lindley
  • Thomas Whitelet, Lindley
  • John Wilkinson, Lindley
  • Christopher Wood & Co., Westgate
  • George Wood, Denton Lane
  • Mary Wormall, Mold Green
  • Richard Wormall, Mold Green
  • Eliza Margaretta Wright, Newtown
  • Jonathan Wright, Almondbury
  • William Wright, Westgate

Shuttle Makers

  • James Greenwood, Lockwood
  • John Greenwood, Mold Green
  • Mary Greenwood, Castle Gate

Silk Spinners & Silk Throwsters

  • John Fisher & Co., Longroyd Bridge

Silversmiths & Jewellers

  • John Anderton, Cross Church Street
  • Joshua Bates, New Street
  • William Smith, Kirkgate

Slay & Heald Makers

  • Mariam Barrow & Son, Kirkgate
  • David Cleworth, Aspley
  • George Kilner, Denton Lane
  • Matthew Lockwood, Almondbury
  • Samuel Makin, Castle Gate
  • Richard Rothwell, Mold Green & King Street
  • Thomas Shepherd, Castle Gate

Stay Makers

  • Grace Hart, Back Green
  • Joseph Wainhouse, King Street

Stone Masons

  • Edward Blackburn, Almondbury
  • Joseph Kaye, New Street (& builder)
  • William North, Almondbury
  • John Pashley, Almondbury
  • John Ramsden, Paddock
  • Joseph Rush, Paddock
  • Daniel Scarlet, Castle Gate
  • William Schofield, Lindley
  • William Sykes, Almondbury
  • William Williams, Buxton Road

Stone Merchants & Quarry Owners

  • John Beaumont, Upper Elland Edge
  • David Dyson, Salendine Nook
  • Thomas Dyson, Lindley
  • Joseph Holroyd, Fixby
  • Kay & Hattersley, Lockwood
  • Joseph Kaye, New Street
  • James Mitchell, Fixby
  • Isaac Schofield, Quarmby

Straw Hat Makers

  • Maria Bates, Paddock
  • M.A. Batho, Spring Street
  • John Booth, Buxton Road
  • Elizabeth Burton, Cross Church Street
  • Elizabeth Dawson, King Street
  • Martha Milns, Marsh (& dress)
  • Mary Robinson, Cross Church Street
  • John Scott, Upperhead Row (& straw plat dealer)
  • John Sunderland, New Street
  • Launcelot Weatherburn, King Street (& straw plat dealer)


  • James Astin, Temple Street
  • James Bennett, Almondbury
  • Samuel Booth, King Street
  • Benjamin Bradshaw, New Street
  • William Greenwood, New Street
  • Benjamin Hudson, King Street
  • John Robert Jones, Sheepridge
  • John Machill, Lindley
  • John Moxon, King Street
  • David Newhouse, Westgate
  • George Robinson, High Street
  • Sargent & Tatham, Cross Church Street
  • William Wilks, King Street
  • John Armstrong Wright, Lockwood
  • Thomas Wrigley, Queen Street


  • John Abbey, Lockwood (road)
  • Mallinson Abbey, Lockwood (land)
  • William Abbey, Lockwood (road)
  • George Crowther, Fixby (land)
  • Thomas Dinsley, King Street (land)
  • Thomas Greenwood, High Street (building)
  • Frederick Robert Jones, Birk House (land)
  • Joshua Ratcliffe, Trinity Street (building)
  • William Raynor, Lockwood (land)


Those marked * are also Drapers.

  • William Baines, New Street *
  • Adam Beaumont, Quarmby Cliff
  • Joshua Beaumont, Lindley
  • Charles Bedford, Mold Green
  • William Bevers, Sheepridge
  • Rowland Blayds, Westgate
  • John Booth, Buxton Road *
  • George Byram, Mold Green
  • Joseph Chadwick, Paddock
  • Thomas Chadwick, Northgate
  • John Cockshaw, Lindley
  • Stephen Cockshaw, Lindley
  • John Cooke, Kirkgate
  • John Dawson, King Street
  • William Dickenson, Commercial Street
  • James & William Edwards, Hill House
  • John Edwards, New Street *
  • John Edwards, Long Bridge
  • John Firth, Upperhead Row
  • John Gilling, Paddock
  • Joseph Gledhill, King Street
  • John Gudger, Westgate
  • Thomas Gudger, Greenside
  • Charles Hartley, Lockwood
  • Samuel Hirst, Manchester Street
  • George Holroyd, Paddock
  • Jackson & Thornton, Westgate *
  • William Laycock, Lowerhead Row
  • John Newham, Lockwood
  • John Noble, King Street
  • William Pamwell, Almondbury
  • Jonas Pashley, Lockwood
  • Robert Pearson, Westgate
  • Joseph Priestley, Lockwood
  • William Priestley, Lockwood
  • Edward Riley, Sheepridge
  • John Riley, Lindley
  • John Robinson, Kirkgate *
  • Squire Scholefield, Lockwood
  • John Scott, New Street *
  • John Sharp, Almondbury
  • Thomas Sharp, Kirkgate
  • Robert Sisson, Lindley
  • John Swift, Manchester Street
  • John Tasker, Castle Gate
  • Rowland Tittensor, Paddock
  • Robert Turner, Lindley
  • Francis Wadsworth, Kirkgate
  • William Wright, Cross Church Street

Tallow Chandlers

  • Joseph Abbey, Westgate
  • John Dougill, King Street


  • George Armitage, Bay Hall
  • Charlotte Sykes & Sons, Lindley

Taverns & Public Houses

Retailers of Beer

  • John Ackernley, Lowerhead Row
  • Martha Addy, John Street
  • John Armitage, Castle Gate
  • Thomas Bagshaw, Westgate
  • Joseph Balderson, Albion Street
  • John Bates, Birchen Cliff
  • Jonathan Beaumont, Castle Gate
  • John Berry, Lockwood
  • John Beverley, Aspley
  • Enoch Booth, Lowerhead Row
  • Henry Booth, Northgate
  • Joshua Boothroyd, Almondbury
  • Thomas Boothroyd, Fenny Bridge
  • John Bottrill, Leeds Road
  • Joseph Broad, Fixby
  • James Brook, Greenside
  • John Brunton, Greenside (& truss, &c. maker)
  • Samuel Byrom, Lockwood
  • Thomas Cawley, Upperhead Row
  • William Cawthorp, Westgate
  • William Cooper, Engine Bridge
  • John Cornick, Shorehead
  • Arlom Crow, Lockwood
  • Fretchfield Crowther, Lockwood
  • John Crowther, Fixby
  • Abraham Dawson, Sheepridge
  • John Dickenson, Almondbury
  • William Dodson, Mold Green
  • James Dyson, Mold Green
  • Miles Dyson, Chapel Hill
  • Hannah Eastwood, Sheepridge
  • John Ellam, Newsome
  • John Ellis, Queen Street
  • David Haigh, Paddock
  • John Haigh, Shorehead
  • David Hepworth, Lindley
  • Joseph Hopkinson, Leeds Road
  • Sarah Hopkinson, Sheepridge
  • Charlotte Horsfall, Longroyd Lane
  • William Hoyle, Lindley
  • John Kaye, Almondbury
  • Abraham Kershaw, Market Walk
  • James Kinchla, Castle Gate
  • John Kingston, Lockwood
  • Mary Knight, Leeds Road
  • John Leversage, Castle Hill
  • Joseph Lister, Manchester Street
  • George Lodge, Newsome
  • Joshua Mellor, Quay Street
  • Robert Mellor, Longroyd Bridge
  • Owen Morgan, Swallow Street
  • William North, Mold Green
  • Jonney Oldfield, Crossland Moor
  • John Pilling, Castle Gate
  • Mary Postle, Castle Gate
  • John Priestley, King Street
  • Thomas Rushworth, King Street
  • John Sykes, Longroyd Bridge
  • John Thomson, Westgate
  • Michael Thornton, Mold Green
  • Marmaduke Thwait, Sheepridge
  • Joshua Turner, Castle Gate
  • William Vevers, Market Walk
  • Benjamin Walker, Leeds Road
  • Edwin Walker, Northgate
  • William Wilson, Beast Market
  • Henry Woodhead, Kirkgate
  • Joseph Wright, Upperhead Row

Tea Dealers

See also Grocers and Shopkeepers.

  • Joseph Beaumont, Market Place (& tobacco manufacturer)
  • Andrew Bell, Kirkgate
  • Richard Coad, Market Place
  • Thomas Firth, Kirkgate (& coffee roaster)
  • John Labrey, Market Place (& coffee roaster)

Tea Dealers: Travelling

  • Adam Bell, Upperhead Row
  • David Bell, Lowerhead Row
  • Nicholas Bell, Manchester Street
  • Nathaniel Dickson, Upperhead Row

Timber Merchants

  • Richard Armitage & Co., Shore Foot
  • James Brook, Mold Green
  • John Greenwood, Engine Bridge
  • Thomas Walker, Ramsden Street

Tin Plate Workers

  • George Hanson, Market Street
  • Thomas Hayley, Market Place
  • Abel Hellawell, Manchester Street
  • Robert Hird, Cross Church Street
  • Hannah Holmes, Buxton Road
  • George Johnson, Westgate (& brazier and coppersmith)
  • Jonathan Leech, King Street
  • John Lynch, Clothhall Street
  • William Manchester, Westgate
  • John Newhouse, New Street (& brazier)
  • William Northrop, Mold Green
  • John Sampson, Lockwood
  • George Tetley, King Street
  • Benjamin Thornton, New Street
  • James Tiffany, Sheepridge
  • Henry Tomlinson, King Street (& brazier)

Tobacco Pipe Makers

  • John Buckley, Shore Head
  • John Tindall, Castle Gate

Turners in Wood

  • Joseph Crowther, Albion Street
  • John Greenwood, Mold Green
  • Joseph Hopkinson, Ramsden Street (& screw cutter)
  • Joseph Hopkinson Jnr., Pack Horse Yard (& screw cutter)
  • William Hulke, New Street (& screw cutter)
  • Thomas & Frederick Swift, Mold Green

Veterinary Surgeons

  • Thomas Haycock, High Street
  • William Sizer, New Street
  • Richard Willett, Queen Street

Watch & Clock Makers

  • John Anderton, Cross Church Street
  • Joshua Bates, New Street
  • John Burton, Cross Church Street (& engraver)
  • Charles Hanson, Northgate
  • George Milnes, Beast Market
  • George Myers, Kirkgate (German clock)
  • William Northrop, Mold Green (clock)
  • John Turner Petch, New Street
  • William Smith, Kirkgate


  • Richard Ashton, Pack Horse Yard
  • William Beaumont, Albion Street
  • George Bottom, Paddock
  • William Brewer, Denton Lane
  • John Brown, Bridge End
  • John Catton, Cropper's Row
  • Benjamin Cooper, Fartown
  • George Crowther, Lockwood
  • John Crowther, Almondbury
  • William Dalton, Almondbury
  • Joseph Elam, Longroyd Bridge
  • Benjamin Fawcett, Northgate
  • Jonathan Gee, Lowerhead Row
  • David Hanson, Hill House
  • Joseph Holroyd Snr., Bridge End
  • George Howden, Almondbury
  • John Kaye, Lockwood
  • Robert Kaye, Almondbury
  • Robert Kaye, Fenny Bridge
  • John Sharp, Lane
  • William Spencer, John Street
  • John Thornton, Paddock
  • John Thornton, Ramsden Street


  • George Bottomley, King Street
  • Thomas Atkinson Heaps, Westgate (& bell-hanger)
  • Joseph Lockwood, Swan Yard
  • Martha Ludlam & Sons, Queen Street (& bell-hangers)
  • William Thompson, Upperhead Row
  • Joshua Turner, Castle Gate

Wine, Spirit & Porter Merchants

  • William & Henry Eddison, Kirkgate
  • Richard Foss, Cross Church Street
  • John Moody, Buxton Road
  • William Rhodes & Sons, King Street
  • George Smith, Lockwood
  • John Smith, High Street
  • Wilson & Hirst, King Street
  • George Wilson, King Street (wine)

Wool Card Makers

  • Henry Charlesworth, Manchester Street
  • Richard Garside, Fixby
  • Charlotte Sykes & Sons, Lindley

Woollen Cloth Dealers

  • David Haigh & Brothers, Quarmby
  • John Hanson, Lindley
  • George Hattersley & Sons, Lindley
  • George Mitchell, Westgate
  • George Roberts, Quarmby
  • Daniel Taylor, Lockwood
  • Charles Thornton, Lindley

Woollen Cloth Manufacturers

Those marked * attend at Huddersfield on Tuesdays only.

  • Nathaniel Aked, White Hart Yard *
  • Thomas Aked, White Hart Yard *
  • Anderson, Tyne & Co., New Street
  • Brothers Armitage, Market Walk *
  • Joseph Armitage, Paddock
  • William Armitage, Newsome
  • Richard & Frizer Atkinson, Aspley
  • David Bailey, White Hart Yard *
  • William Balmford, White Hart Yard *
  • William Batley, Commercial Buildings
  • William Walker Battye, King Street
  • Beaumont & Stocks, New Street
  • John Beaumont, Wheat House
  • Matthew Berry, Newsome
  • Henry Boothroyd, Lockwood
  • Edward Bottomley, White Hart Yard *
  • William Bottomley, White Hart Yard *
  • James Broadbent, Marshall's Yard *
  • William Broadbent, White Hart Yard *
  • Henry Brook & Sons, Northgate
  • Joseph Brook, Marsh
  • William Brook, Sheepridge
  • John Brooke & Son, Marshall's Yard *
  • Bruce & Dorrington, Kirkgate *
  • Benjamin Buckley, Market Street *
  • Hugh Buckley, White Hart Yard *
  • Butterworth & Sons, Castle Gate, Leeds Road
  • Chorley & Uppleby, Pack Horse Yard *
  • Richard Clay, Marshall's Yard *
  • Benjamin Cocker, White Hart Yard *
  • Coopers' & French, Marshall's Yard *
  • George Cotton, White Hart Yard *
  • George Crosland, Marshall's Yard *
  • George Crosland, Lindley
  • James Crosland, Paddock
  • James Crosland & Sons, Paddock
  • Joseph Crosland, White Hart Yard *
  • Joshua & Thomas Crosland, Paddock
  • Thomas Crossland, Hinchliff mill
  • Anthony Crow, Lockwood
  • Abraham Crowther, Lockwood
  • James Crowther, Lockwood
  • James Crowther, Market Street *
  • Luke Crowther, Lockwood
  • Richard Crowther, Lockwood
  • Walker Crowther, White Hart Yard *
  • Benjamin Dalton, White Hart Yard *
  • James Dawson, Market Street *
  • Day & Bottomley, Marsh House (& at Belfast, Ireland)
  • Jonathan Dennison & Son, White Hart Yard *
  • James Joseph Dent, Lowerhead Row
  • William Dyson, Lindley
  • Edmund Eastwood, Market Street *
  • James Eastwood, Market Street
  • John Eastwood & Brother, Market Street *
  • Thomas Edwards, Wheat House
  • James Firth, Market Street *
  • Samuel Firth, White Hart Yard *
  • Joseph Fletcher, White Hart Yard *
  • John Garside, Fixby
  • John Garside, White Hart Yard *
  • James Gledhill, White Hart Yard *
  • Samuel Gledhill, Market Street *
  • William Gledhill, White Hart Yard *
  • Thomas Greenwood, Market Street *
  • David Haigh & Brothers, Quarmby
  • George Haigh, White Hart Yard *
  • Hugh Haigh, White Hart Yard *
  • John Haigh & Sons, Marsh
  • Joseph Haigh, Royds Hall
  • Joseph Haigh, Marshall's Yard *
  • Samuel Haigh, Marshall's Yard *
  • John Hall, Quarmby
  • John Hall, Market Street *
  • Matthew Hallas & Charles, Lockwood
  • John Hannah & Co., Rosemary Lane
  • John Hanson, Lindley
  • Joseph Hebblethwaite, Marshall's Yard *
  • Booth Heppenstall, Newsome Cross
  • Matthew Heppenstall, Newsome Cross
  • John Hinchliff, Market Street *
  • George Hirst, Market Street *
  • George & William Hirst, Market Street *
  • John Hirst, White Hart Yard *
  • John & George Hirst, Market Street *
  • Joseph Hobson, Castle Hill
  • William Holroyd, White Hart Yard *
  • William Horsfall & Co., Seed Hill
  • David Howard, Engine Bridge
  • John Iredale, Market Street *
  • Charles Ives, White Hart Yard *
  • George Ives, White Hart Yard *
  • Joseph Ives, White Hart Yard *
  • Jagger, Sykes & Co., Lockwood
  • Thomas Johnson, Upperhead Row
  • Thomas Kay, Newsome
  • James Kenworthy, White Hart Yard *
  • William Kenworthy, White Hart Yard *
  • Thomas Kilner & Son, Northgate
  • Joseph Langley, Lindley
  • Charles Law, White Hart Yard *
  • John Law, White Hart Yard *
  • Benjamin Lawton, White Hart Yard *
  • Joseph Lee, Marshall's Yard *
  • Joseph Lees & Co., Almondbury
  • George Littlewood, Fenay Bank
  • James Mallalieu, White Hart Yard *
  • George Mallinson & Son, Upperhead Row & Spring Street
  • Stephen Mallinson, Lindley
  • Thomas Mallinson, Lindley
  • Richard Marsden, White Hart Yard *
  • George Marshall, Sunny Bank
  • John Maude, White Hart Yard *
  • William Mawbry, Lockwood
  • Mellor & Smith, Lindley
  • Benjamin Mellor, Marshall's Yard *
  • Joseph Mellor & Son, Market Walk
  • Benjamin Moore, Paddock
  • Joshua Moore, Paddock
  • Thomas Nelson & Co., Clothhall Street
  • Norris, Sykes & Fisher, Beast Market
  • J. North Jnr. & Co., Rosemary Lane
  • Nussey & Sykes, Market Street *
  • Benjamin Outram, King's Head Yard *
  • John Parkin, Castle Hill
  • John Parkin, Lumm
  • Pedley & Moore, Westgate
  • John Radcliffe, White Hart Yard *
  • John Ramsden & Son, Market Street & 54 Cloth Hall *
  • William Ramsden, White Hart Yard *
  • Roberts Brothers, Bradley Spout
  • David Roebuck, Castle Hill
  • James Schofield, White Hart Yard *
  • James Schofield & Son, White Hart Yard *
  • John Schofield, White yard Yard *
  • Joseph Schofield, New Street
  • William Schofield, White Hart Yard *
  • James Scholfield, White Hart Yard
  • Thomas Senior, Lockwood
  • Benjamin Shaw, Lockwood
  • David Shaw, Son & Co., High Street
  • George Shaw, Lockwood
  • Giles Shaw, White Hart Yard *
  • James Shaw, Marshall's Yard *
  • John Shaw, Lockwood
  • John Shaw & Sons, White Hart Yard *
  • John, William & Henry Shaw, Temple Street
  • Jonathan Shaw, Marshall's Yard *
  • Stephen Shaw, White Hart Yard *
  • Thomas Shaw, Lockwood
  • John Siddle, Spring Street
  • Charles & Daniel Smith, White Hart Yard *
  • David Smith, White Hart Yard *
  • Eli Smith, White Hart Yard *
  • Job Smith, White Hart Yard *
  • William Spencer, Lockwood
  • Walter Williams & Henry Stables, Buxton Road
  • Starkey Brothers, Longroyd Bridge
  • George Stoney, Bank Top
  • Joseph & John Stott, White Hart Yard *
  • Samuel Stringer, Almondbury
  • Joseph Swift, Almondbury
  • Benjamin Sykes, Market Street *
  • Charlotte Sykes & Sons, Lindley
  • James Sykes, Market Street *
  • John Sykes, Market Street *
  • John Sykes, Marshall's Yard *
  • John Sykes, White Hart Yard *
  • Joseph Sykes, Market Street *
  • Joseph Sykes Jnr., Market Street *
  • William Sykes, Marshall's Yard *
  • William Sykes, Market Street *
  • William Sykes, White Hart Yard *
  • Benjamin Taylor, White Hart Yard *
  • George Taylor, White Hart Yard *
  • Isaac Taylor, White Hart Yard *
  • James Taylor, Market Street *
  • Joseph Taylor, Market Street *
  • Taylor, Son & Gibson, Clothhall Street *
  • Robert Thornton, Lockwood
  • William Thwaite, King's Head Yard *
  • Henry Tiffany, White Hart Yard *
  • Charles Turner & Co., Market Street *
  • Joseph Turner, Rosemary Lane
  • John Tyas & Co., Market Street *
  • Joseph Vickerman, Taylor hill, Lockwood
  • Edward Walker, Market Street *
  • John Walker, Marshall's Yard *
  • Joseph Walker, Market Street *
  • Joseph Walker, Marshall's Yard *
  • Robert Walker, Lockwood
  • Abraham Webster, Market Street *
  • Robert Welsh, Kirkgate
  • William & John Whitacre, Woodhouse
  • Samuel Whiteley, White Hart Yard *
  • Thomas Whiteley & Sons, Marshall's Buildings *
  • George Whitwam, Market Street *
  • John Whitwam, Market Street *
  • Joseph Whitwam, Market Street *
  • Abraham Whitworth, White Hart Yard *
  • Eli Wilkinson, White Hart Yard *
  • Thomas Wilkinson, Longroyd Bridge
  • William Wilkinson, Lindley
  • William Wilkinson, White Hart Yard *
  • George Wilson, Lindley
  • George & James Wilson, Marsh
  • John Wilson, Lindley
  • John Wilson, White Hart Yard *
  • Christopher Wood & Co., Westgate
  • John Wood, White Hart Yard *
  • Joseph Wood, Lockwood
  • Richard Wood, White Hart Yard *
  • Joseph Wrigley & Thomas Cockhill and Co., Albion Street
  • York & Sheepshanks, Croft Head

Woollen Cord, Velveteen, &c. Manufacturers

Those marked * attend on Tuesdays only.

  • Godfrey Binns, Sheepridge
  • Thomas Bradley, Sheepridge
  • Hannah Bray, Deighton
  • Joshua Bray, Deighton
  • John Clay, Deighton
  • Thomas Cliffe, Paddock
  • William Cliffe, Paddock
  • John Cockin, Sheepridge
  • William Cookson, King's Head Yard *
  • John Dawson, Deighton
  • John Day, Bradley
  • C. Fairbank, King's Head Yard *
  • James Firth, Lindley
  • Joshua Firth, Lindley
  • Charles France, Sheepridge
  • George France, Sheepridge
  • Richard Garside, Fixby
  • James Greenwood, Sheepridge
  • James Haigh, Lindley
  • George Hopkinson, Sheepridge
  • Samuel Hopkinson, Deighton
  • Samuel Hopkinson Jnr., Sheepridge
  • Joshua Lockwood, Upperhead Row
  • William Mortimer, Sheepridge
  • N.P. & H. Nathan, Bradley spout
  • Richard Porritt, Sheepridge
  • James Quarmby, Birchen Cliff
  • Samuel Robinson, Sheepridge
  • David Simeon, Birchen Cliff
  • George Simeon, King's Head Yard *
  • George Simeon, Birchen Cliff
  • Joshua Simeon, Birchen Cliff
  • Thomas Simeon, Birchen Cliff
  • Joseph Speight, King's Head Yard *
  • Abel & James Starkey, Sheepridge
  • Thomas Stork, Sheepridge
  • Joseph Swallow, Deighton
  • John Sykes, Sheepridge
  • John Sykes, King's Head Yard *
  • Taylor, Son & Gibson, Clothhall Street & Manchester (& cassinetts)
  • John Wilkinson, King's Head Yard *
  • John Wood, King's Head Yard *
  • George Worth, Upperhead Row

Woolstaplers & Wool Merchants

Those marked * are Importers of Foreign Wools.

  • William Ainley, Westgate
  • Anderson, Tyne & Co., New Street
  • Brothers Armitage, Market Walk *
  • James Bradbury & Co., New Street
  • Benjamin Brigg, Chancery Lane & Paddock
  • Thomas Brook & Son, King's Head Yard
  • James Buttrey, Albion Street *
  • Joseph Cresswell, New Street
  • James Crosland, New Street
  • John Crosland, Yew tree
  • George Dyson & Co., Market Street *
  • Samuel Eastwood & Son, Market Street *
  • John Fielder & Son, Market Street
  • John Graham & Son, New Street
  • James Hanson & Co., Market Street
  • John Haywood, Westgate
  • Henry Hirst & Co., Chancery Lane
  • John Hirst, King Street
  • Matthew Hirst, Queen Street
  • Samuel Hirst & Co., New Street *
  • Henry Johnson, Westgate
  • John Lockwood, Westgate
  • Thomas Lockwood, New Street
  • Joseph Mellor & Son, Market Walk
  • Miles Netherwood, Deighton
  • John Mills Ridgway & Co., King Street *
  • Riley, Brook & Co., Market Street *
  • Charles Robertshaw, Westgate
  • Thomas Robinson, Birkby
  • George Roland Shepherd, Westgate
  • John Sutcliffe, Clothhall Street *
  • Joseph Turner, Albion Street *
  • James Waller & Co., Market Street *
  • William Willans & Co., Market Street *
  • John Wood Jnr., Swan Yard *
  • E.B. & J. Woodhead, Pack Horse Yard

Woolstaplers & Wool Merchants

Attending Huddersfield Market on Tuesdays. Those marked * are Importers of Foreign Wools.

  • Robert Baldrey (of Halifax), Market Street
  • S.J. Birehall & Co., (of Leeds), Market Street *
  • A. Dickinson & Sons (of Leeds), Market Street
  • B. Goodman & Son (of Leeds), Market Street
  • William Horsfall & Brothers (of Bradford), Market Street *
  • Hustlers & Seebohm (of Bradford), Market Street *
  • Robert Jowitt & Son (of Leeds), Westgate *
  • Thomas Jowitt, John Jowitt & Co. (of Leeds), George Yard
  • William Milnes (of Leeds), Market Street *
  • John Rawdon (of Leeds), Marshall's Yard
  • Alexander Ross (of Bradford), Clothhall Street
  • Joseph Simpson (of Leeds), Chancery Lane
  • Stears & Oldman (of Leeds), Marshall's Buildings *
  • Joshua Walker (of Birstall), Rhodes' Yard
  • Charles Wellbeloved Jnr., (of Leeds), Market Street *
  • George Westerman (of Wakefield), Ramsden's Arms
  • William Whitfield (of Leeds), Chancery Lane *
  • John Wilkinson & Co., (of Leeds), Chancery Lane *

Worsted Manufacturers

  • William Rouse & Sons, Chancery Lane
  • John Wood Jnr., Swan Yard


  • Matthew Bradley, clerk to the magistrates, Bath Buildings
  • Henry Brown, shear maker, Lockwood
  • Benjamin Crosland, heald knitter, Fenny Bridge
  • Richard Dewhurst, printer of shawls & valentias, Aspley
  • Gas Works, Leeds Road (agent: John Hirst Walker, manager: Joseph Waite)
  • William Hall, cattle dealer, Quarmby
  • Joseph Hick, teazle dealer, Westgate
  • Read Holliday, ammonia manufacturer, Lowerhead Row
  • Henry Jacobs, fur & cloth cap manufacturer, Clothhall Street
  • John Lancaster, sheriff's officer, Queen Street
  • John Lees, working cutler, Shambles
  • Richard Lord, fellmonger & tawer, Lindley
  • George Parkinson, brick maker, Almondbury
  • Thomas Pitt, High Constable for the Upper Division of Agbrigg Wapentake, King Street
  • Job Senior, nursery & seedsman, Fenny Bridge
  • Stamp Office, Joseph Brook, Westgate
  • John Sykes, cattle dealer, Fixby
  • George Teale, bookbinder, Castle Gate
  • George Thompson, coach maker, Swan Yard
  • Christopher Tinker, vendor of periodical publications, Market Walk
  • John H. Walker saw mills, Ramsden Street
  • Works Water, Spring Street (clerk: John Stutterd)
  • Charles Clapham Watkinson, dealer in sewing cotton, New Street


To London, Doncaster, Bawtry, Leicester, Nottingham, Northampton, Newark, Grantham, Uppingham, Stamford, &c.

  • D. Deacon & Co's Vans and Waggons — from their warehouse, Kirkgate (daily)

To Austonley

  • M. Broadhead — from the Cross Keys (Tuesday)

To Barnsley

  • D. Deacon & Co (daily)
  • Hobson & Co. (daily)
  • James Buckley, Kershaw & Co. (three times a week)
  • A. Beswick & Co. three times a week (three times a week)

To Blackhey Nook

  • John Rhodes — from the Swan with Two Necks (Tuesday)

To Boarshurst

  • Joseph Ratcliffe — from the Swan with Two Necks (Tuesday)

To Bradford

  • Hobson & Co. — from the Pack Horse Yard, Kirkgate (daily)
  • George Lumby — from the White Hart and Bull's Head (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday)

To Brighouse

  • Moses Sugden — from the Ship (Tuesday)

To Cleckheaton

  • Joseph Robinson — from the Ship (Tuesday)

To Cumberworth

  • William Peace — from the White Lion (Tuesday & Saturday)

To Delph

  • John Thomas — from the Swan with Two Necks (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday)

To Denbigh Dale

  • David Green — from the Sun (Tuesday)

To Dewsbury

  • Joseph Wilson — from the White Hart and Fleece (Tuesday & Saturday)

To Dobcross

  • John Shaw — from the Swan with Two Necks, every Tuesday

To Durham

  • Hobson & Co. — from the Pack Horse Yard (daily)

To Elland

  • John Garside — from the Fleece (Tuesday)

To Greenfield

  • John Ratcliffe — from the Cross Keys (Tuesday)

To Halifax

  • Hobson & Co. — from the Pack Horse Yard (daily)
  • Mary Speak — from Deacon's Warehouse (daily)
  • Kenworthy & Co. — from their warehouse (daily)

To Heckmondwike

  • Joseph Hepworth — from the Fleece (daily)

To Hepworth

  • John Hinchliffe — from the White Hart (Tuesday)

To High Town

  • Matthew Langley — from the White Horse (Tuesday)

To Holme

  • Thomas Heward & George Kaye — from the Cherry Tree (Tuesday)

To Holmefirth

  • Thomas Howard — from the Cherry Tree (Tuesday)
  • Thomas Hinchliffe — from the White Bear (Tuesday)
  • Benjamin Green — from the Green Dragon (Tuesday)
  • Amor Brook — from the White Swan (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday)

To Honley

  • Joseph Saunderson — from the White Hart (Tuesday)

To Kirk Burton

  • Charles Kaye — from the White Lion (Tuesday)

To Leeds, Wakefield, &c.

  • Hobson & Co. — from the Pack Horse Yard (daily)
  • Kenworthy & Co. (daily)
  • D. Deacon & Co. (daily)
  • A. Beswick & Co. (daily)
  • Ann Mitchell & Sons (daily)

To Longwood

  • Joseph Hanson — from the Cherry Tree (several times a week)

To Manchester

  • Hobson & Co. — from their warehouse (daily)
  • Carver, Driver & Co. — from their warehouse (daily)
  • J. & L. Marsden — from their warehouse (daily)

To Meltham

  • John Crossland — from the Cherry Tree (daily)
  • James Hollingworth — from the White Bear (Tuesday)
  • William Bottomley — from the Green Dragon (Tuesday)
  • John Liddall — from the White Lion (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday)

To Mirfield

  • Eli Hepworth — from the Wellington (Tuesday)

To Nether Thong

  • John Mallinson — from the Cherry Tree (weekly)

To Newcastle upon Tyne and Shields

  • Hobson & Co. — from the Pack Horse Yard (daily)

To Old Delph

  • Joseph Shaw — from the Swan with Two Necks (Tuesday Thursday, & Saturday)

To Oldham

  • Paul Cooper — from the White Lion (Tuesday)
  • John Leech — from the Fleece (Tuesday & Friday)

To Rochdale

  • John Garside — from the Cherry Tree (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday)

To Saddleworth

  • Joseph Shaw — from the Swan with Two Necks (Tuesday & Saturday)
  • John Bradbury (Tuesday)

To Settle, Skipton, &c.

  • Hobson & Co. — from the Pack Horse Yard (daily)

To Sheffield

  • D.Deacon & Co. (daily)
  • Joseph Gamble — from Albion Street (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday)

To Shelley

  • James Mosley — from the White Lion (Tuesday)

To Skelmanthorpe

  • George Jackman — from the Sun (Tuesday)
  • Thomas Moody — from the Sun (Tuesday)

To Stainland

  • Jonathan Priestley — from the Cherry Tree (Tuesday)

To Thirsk, &c.

  • Hobson & Co. — from the Pack Horse Yard (daily)

To Thurlston

  • Thomas Moorhouse — from the Ramsden's Arms (Tuesday)

To Thurstonland

  • Joseph Walker — from the King's Head (Tuesday & Saturday)

To York

  • Hobson & Co. J. Buckley (daily)
  • Kershaw & Co. (daily)
  • Kenworthy & Co. (daily)
  • Beswick & Co. (daily)

Conveyance by Water

To London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Worcester, Warwick, Wolverhampton, Oxford, Banbury, Northampton, Harborough, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, The Potteries, and forward goods to all parts of the kingdom

  • Pickford & Co.'s Fly Boats (daily)

To London, Nottingham, Northampton, Derby, The Potteries, Chester, and all intermediate places

  • J. Kenworthy & Co. — from Engine bridge (daily)

To London, Wakefield, Goole, &c.

  • John & Luke Marsden — from their warehouse (daily)
  • James Buckley Kershaw & Co. — from their warehouse (daily)

To Leeds, Liverpool, Halifax, &c.

  • John & Luke Marsden (daily)
  • J. Kenworthy & Co. (daily)
  • James Buckley, Kershaw & Co. (daily)

To Manchester

  • James Buckley, Kershaw & Co. (daily)
  • John & Luke Marsden (daily)
  • J. Kenworthy & Co. (daily)
  • Abraham Beswick & Co. (daily)
  • Carver, Driver & Co. (daily)

Pigot and Co.'s National Commercial Directory of 1834


Trade directories
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