Photographers and Photographic Studios

The following is a list of early local photographers and their studios arranged by surname, collated from carte-de-visites, portraits, etc.

Where known, the decades in which they were believed or known to be working as photographers in the local are given in square brackets.

  • Balmoral Studios, Cloth Hall Street, Huddersfield [1920s]
  • H. Bamforth of Bryam Arcade, Huddersfield (& Holmfirth) [1890s-1900s]
  • J.W. Boyes of King Street, Huddersfield, and Lockwood Road
  • Bray & Son of Holmfirth
  • E. Bray of Huddersfield
  • J.M. Bray of Cloth Hall Chambers, Huddersfield
  • F. Burbidge & Co. of Huddersfield[1]
  • R. Cambidge of St. Peter's Street & 64 King Street, Huddersfield [1860s-80s]
  • Collins of 24 John William Street, Huddersfield
  • J. Crompton & Son of Huddersfield [1870s]
  • Percy Crosland of Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth [1910s]
  • Dawson of 20 John William Street, Huddersfield
  • John Edward Dawson of Milnsbridge [1890s]
  • Thomas Dent of Burlington House, Huddersfield
  • Frank Dore of 3 Bath Terrace, Lockwood [1870s]
  • Wm. Duffus of 23 Ramsden Street & 26 Queen Street, Huddersfield [1880s]
  • J. Duffus of 26 Queen Street, Huddersfield [1880s] — Williams's younger brother
  • Dumont Studio of Huddersfield
  • J. Dyson of Whiteley Bottom, Milnsbridge
  • Eddison Ltd. of Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Barnsley & Dewsbury
  • J. Elliott[2] of Kilner Bank, Moldgreen, Huddersfield
  • Charles Edward Exley of Honley
  • Oliver Garside of Excelsior Studio, Lockwood Road, Lockwood[3]
  • Greaves & Co. of 55 New Street, Huddersfield
  • Grosvenor Studio of 6 South Parade, Huddersfield
  • Knight and Jackson of 20 John William Street, Huddersfield [1870s?-1890s?]
  • H. Kruger of Northumberland Street, Victoria Studio (26 Queen Street), and Gladstone Buildings (King Street), Huddersfield [1880s-1910s]
  • J.B. Law & Co. of Leeds and 24 Ramsden Street, Huddersfield
  • Leslie of Lion Arcade, Huddersfield
  • J.W. Lodge of Holmfirth
  • Longley & Co. of Huddersfield
  • Charles Llewellyn Longley of Salford, Lockwood
  • Henry Lord of St. Peter's Street, Huddersfield [1860-1880s]
  • Mansfield Ltd. of 16 Cloth Hall Street, Huddersfield
  • J. Middleton of King Street, Huddersfield [1870s] — same address as Emil Vieler
  • B. Milner of 35 Upperhead Row & 26 Manchester Road, Huddersfield
  • Montgomery of 19 Exchange Buildings, Market Street, Huddersfield
  • J. Moore of 34 Cobden Road, Manchester Road, Crosland Moor Bottom
  • F. Nevett, "opposite Bath Hotel", Lockwood [1889-1894]
  • W.C. Pearson of 24 Manchester Road, Huddersfield [1890s-1900s]
  • Pentney of 6 South Parade, Huddersfield [1890s-1930s?]
  • Pitchforth of 44 Great Northern Street, Huddersfield
  • John Powell of Meltham [1890s]
  • S.S. Priestley of 28 Ramsden Street, Church Street, and 56 New Street, Huddersfield [1870s-1880s]
  • T.W. Radcliffe of Huddersfield[6]
  • Relph & Co. of 57 New Street, Huddersfield
  • O.S. Richards of Honley
  • W.E. Rimmer of 41 Bridge Street, Slaithwaite
  • J. Roberts & Co. ("The Photographers"), 1-3 Kirkgate, Huddersfield [c.1920]
  • Sellman & Co. of Huddersfield [1890s-1910s]
  • Sharp of Cross Church Street [1850s][7]
  • Jno. E. Shaw of 26 Manchester Road, Huddersfield [1870s-1910s]
  • Jno. E. Shaw & Son of 6 South Parade, Huddersfield, and Burlington House, Huddersfield [1870s-1910s]
  • Smith & Ashman of 20 John William Street, Huddersfield [late 1880s]
  • Tony Sosna, 31 Lynton Avenue, Huddersfield
  • Reginald Spurr of Ramsden Street, Huddersfield [late 1860-1880s]
  • Stapleton & Sons of 24 John William Street, Huddersfield [1910s]
  • T.A. Stephenson of 16 Cloth Hall Street, Huddersfield
  • J.A. Sykes of Albert Studio, Lindley [1880s]
  • Taylor's Studios of 16 Cloth Hall Street, Huddersfield
  • William Thornton of Lockwood Road, Huddersfield
  • W. Townend of South View, Shelley
  • Emil Vieler of King Street, Huddersfield [1870s-1890s] — same address as J. Middleton
  • Verona of Market Place Chambers, Huddersfield
  • A. Wainwright[8] of Macaulay Road, Birkby
  • A. Watson of Huddersfield
  • R. Weatherley & Sons, St. Peter's Street, Huddersfield
  • James T. Wigney of of Ramsden Street, Huddersfield [1860s-?]
  • Wilkinson of the Steam Finishing Works, Claremont Hall, New House, Huddersfield [?-1890]
  • F.A. Wilkinson of Byram Arcade, Huddersfield[9]
  • Windsor Studios of 24 John William Street, Huddersfield
  • B. Wolfenden of Bradford Road, Huddersfield [1880s]

Trade Directories

White's Trade Directory (1870)

Bennett's Business Directory (1910)

Notes and References

  1. Possibly Frank Lockwood Burbidge (1884-1949) of York, born 28 December 1884.
  2. James Elliott (c.1817-?). Listed as a block printer in various censuses.
  3. Oliver Garside was a weaver and general dealer of 204 Lockwood Road (1901 Census) and 254 Lockwood Road (1911 Census). This appears to have been a property to the right of the Red Lion Inn which was likely later knocked down to allow the road to be widened.
  4. Possibly linked to Messrs. Walter Hirst & Sons, who were importers of foreign wines & spirits and were based at Buxton House in the 1890s.
  5. Jones Holroyd (c.1818-?) residing at St. Peters Street in 1861.
  6. Possible Thomas Walker Radcliffe (1874-) who was listed as a "Draper" in the census returns. He married Annie Ethel Walker in 1898.
  7. "Photographic Portraits" in Huddersfield Chronicle (01/Mar/1851).
  8. Listed in the 1911 Census as residing with his parents at 29 Clement Street, Birkby.
  9. Likely travelling photographer Francis A. Wilkinson (c.1863-?) of Nelson, Lancashire. His brother Solander Wilkinson (c.1867-?) of Morley, Leeds, was also a photographer.