Penistone Feast (1934)

The 1934 Penistone Feast was held on the weekend of Saturday 30 June and Sunday 1 July.

The Sheffield Independent (02/Jul/1934) reported on the event:

Penistone Feast: Open-Air Festival for Hospitals

The Penistone Feast, a survival of ancient times, and always held during the week-end following 24 June each year, is in full swing.

It started on Saturday, and summer-like weather prevailing, a huge crowd assembled in the Recreation Ground, where the pleasure fair, with its many attractions, was crowded until midnight.

Yesterday afternoon, the 49th annual open-air musical festival was held in a field adjoining the Feast ground, the proceeds being for the hospitals and kindred institutions.

The chorus of 90 members occupied a raised platform and an orchestra of 20 persons were in front.

The singing of the special hymns and choruses from the "Messiah" and the "Creation" was creditably done under the conductorship of Mr. A.W. Jagger. The Denby Silver Band, under the conductorship of Mr. W. Kaye, and the Hepworth Iron Works Brass Band, conducted by Mr. Ernest Kaye, each played a selection, and massed for the playing of a march, conducted by Mr. Ernest Kaye.

The total receipts are £43 6s. 9d.