Parkin's Almshouses, Northgate, Almondbury

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  • also known as: The Emily Parkin Almshouses
  • location: off Northgate, Almondbury
  • status: still exists
  • category: terraced row (2 sets of 3 adjoining properties)

Named after Miss Emily Parkin[1] of Prospect House, Almondbury, whose family had lived in Almondbury since the fourteenth century. The site was purchased during her lifetime but work did not commence on building the almshouses until after her death in March 1931 aged 77.

The Yorkshire Post (20/May/1932) gave the following description:

There are six stone bungalows in blocks of three, with ashlar dressings to the doors and windows. Each block has a small Dutch gable as the central feature, on which is inscribed: "The Emily Parkin Almshouses, 1931."

There is one floor only in each cottage, inside there is a tiled entrance lobby, living room, scullery, larder, coalplace, one bedroom, and a bath room. The entrance to the site is through stone pillars on either side of a ten-foot roadway, finished in red shale and ending in an octagonal turning.

The gardens will eventually be laid out in grass and flower beds, with rockeries. A space has been left for kitchen gardens

Together with the nearby Nettleton's Almshouses, the properties are maintained by the Almondbury Almshouses Charity.[2]


Notes and References

  1. Died 9 March 1931 leaving an estate worth £45,557 10s. 1d.
  2. Registered charities in England and Wales: The Almondbury Almshouses Charity.