Paddock Naturalists' Society

The Paddock Naturalists' Society was in existence by 1871 until at least 1874.

The society's annual meetings were held at the Commercial Inn, Paddock, with the following committee members reported in the local press:

  • February 1872 — chaired by Mr. Mallinson
  • January 1873 — chaired by Edward Marland
  • January 1874 — chaired by Mr. G.E.F. Rawlinson, secretary Walker Murray Mallinson[1], president Mr. H. Stephenson

By January 1874, the society reportedly had 40 members.[2]

Notes and References

  1. Born in Huddersfield, he worked as a tailor and grocer. Retired to Blackpool where he died aged 73.
  2. Huddersfield Chronicle (17/Jan/1874).

Paddock Naturalists' Society


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