Ox Ings, Shelley

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  • location: Shelley
  • category: area with a cluster of properties

Although A.H. Smith's The Place-Names of The West Riding of Yorkshire (1961) gives the place name meaning as "ox meadows", George Redmonds has provided compelling research which shows it originally derived from the female name "Osanna"[1]. By 1411, John Osane (descended from John, son of Osanna) was residing there and later references name it "Ozings" or "Ozyns" denoting ownership by the Osane family. The spelling "Ox Ings" appears to have been introduced by the first O.S. surveyors in the late 1840s.[2]


Notes and References

  1. From "Hosanna", which Redmonds suggests means she man have been born on Palm Sunday.
  2. Names and History: People, Places and Things (2004) by George Redmonds, page 64.

Ox Ings, Shelley


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