Old West Riding: A Collection of Original Articles (Spring 1983)


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Old West Riding has been digitised with the express permission of its editors. The articles contained within this issue remain the copyright of the original authors (or their estates) and may not be reproduced further without their express permission. The digitised version is licensed as CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.



  • Shakespeare in Slaithwaite — by Philip Charlesworth (page 1)
  • Spring Woods — by George Redmonds (page 4)
  • Russian Workers in a Bradford Mill in St. Petersburg — by Alan Brooke (page 10)
  • Letters from a Mill Boss's Wife — by Jennifer Stead (page 12)
  • A Case of Industrial Espionage? — by John Goodchild (page 16)
  • Keighley's Turkish Bath — by Ian Dewhirst (page 17)
  • Luddism: A Re-interpretations from Local Sources — by F. O'Brien (page 18)
  • Ben O' Bills Meets Shirley, or the Luddites Rediscovered — by Cyril Pearce (page 22)
  • The Bretton Estate, Part 1 — by Cyril Pearce (page 24)
  • The Paper Hall, Bradford (page 29)
  • A Knaresborough Account 1421-22 — by Sylvia Thomas (page 30)
  • The Men Who Built the Canals at Huddersfield — by E.A. Hilary Haigh (page 33)