Northern Pioneer

The Northern Pioneer was a radical newspaper published in Huddersfield between October 1881 and the summer of 1883.

The newspaper was preceded by the Huddersfield and Colne Valley Radical, which was published for a few weeks in the summer of 1881.[1]

Leeds Mercury (08/Oct/1881)


It was first published on Saturday 22 October 1881 at a cost of 1 penny and was described as being "devoted to the exposition of radical principles."

Local solicitor Daniel F.E. Sykes was the proprietor for most of the paper's history and later blamed his subsequent bankruptcy on the newspaper.

In an article covering the newspaper's demise in July 1883, the Huddersfield Chronicle noted: has ceased to exist, but the public life in Huddersfield will go forward, notwithstanding there will be a little less advocacy of "drastic measures of Reform."

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Notes and References

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