New Inn, Royd House Lane, Linthwaite

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  • also known as: The Sair Inn (current name)
  • appears on maps: 1854 [#70]
  • location: Royd House Lane, Linthwaite
  • status: still exists
  • category: public house, beerhouse, inn, etc.

Although it is often claimed the name "Sair Inn" is a reference to either the sow that adorns the signage or to the pub once serving sour beer, journalist Barrie Pepper notes that it is more likely to a link to an early licensee of the New Inn known locally as "John o't' Saah" (from the Old English word "swōgan"). When Eli Dyson took over in 1876, he inherited the name of "Eli o't' Saah" and is commemorated today by the "Old Eli" bitter served at the pub.[1]

Census Returns

  • 1911 — innkeeper Joe Dyson (aged 38)


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Notes and References

  1. A Haunt of Rare Souls (1990) by Barrie Pepper, pages 91 & 92.