Netherton Choral Society

The Netherton Choral Society was a local choral group known to have existed during the 1850s.


The earliest newspaper reports appear in 1853, when the society was reported to be meeting fortnightly on Thursday evenings in the local schoolrooms at Netherton.[1]

The choir leaders named in newspaper articles as Walter Kaye, Jabez Gledhill, Mr W. Haigh, and Mr. Roddis of Lockwood.

On 26 December 1855, they performed at the formal opening of the Odd Fellows' Hall in Netherton. The hall was apparently a much better venue and they continued to perform there until at least 1859.[2]

On 4 February 1856 they gave a performance of Haydn's "Creation" at the Travellers' Inn, Blackmoorfoot.[3]

Notes and References

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  2. This last article found referencing the society appears in Huddersfield Chronicle (16/Apr/1859).
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