Netherthong Working Men's Club


Netherthong Working Men's Club was formed in 1874 and appears to have ceased in the early 1930s.

Members met in a premises at St. Anne's Square, although the exact building is uncertain as it is not marked as "club" on O.S. maps.

Roll of Honour

The club's First World War memorial, which included photographs of the fallen, is believed to be lost. Those included in it were:

  1. Walter Booth Bray (c.1886-1918)
  2. Harold Brackenbury (c.1898-1918)
  3. Leonard Buckley (c.1890-1916)
  4. Stanley Gill (c.1898-1917)
  5. William Deanhouse Haigh (c.1887-1917)
  6. Abel Helliwell Schofield (c.1887-1915)
  7. Hubert Hobson (c.1891-1916)
  8. John Henry Hoyle (c.1880-1916)
  9. Norman Preston Ricketts (c.1899-1918)
  10. Benjamin Roebuck (1878-1916)
  11. Brook Sanderson (1881-1917)
  12. Ben Senior (c.1892-1916)
  13. Frank Swallow (c.1897-1917)
  14. Edgar Taylor (c.1882-1917)
  15. John Webster (c.1896-1917)
  16. David Wilkinson (c.1886-1915)
  17. Charlie Woodhead (c.1889-1915)

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