National School, School Lane, Kirkheaton

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  • location: School Lane, Kirkheaton
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: school

Discovering Old Huddersfield

Extract from Discovering Old Huddersfield (1993-2002) by Gordon & Enid Minter:

The first school on this site was a free grammar school built in 1610 by Rev. Alexander Stock and Sir Richard Beaumont for the education of boys in Kirkheaton in good learning. Various bequests over the years ensured the school's survival and in 1844 it was conveyed to the National Society and became an elementary school for the education of the poor in the principles of the established church. In 1913 it became necessary to extend and improve the premises and a new three story wing was added, paid for by special efforts and private funding. The school closed in the summer of 1982.