Mytholmbridge Viaduct

Mytholmbridge Viaduct, sometimes referred to as Mytholm Viaduct, was a viaduct on the former Holmfirth Branch Line.

The original viaduct was constructed from timberwork and was badly damaged by a gale in February 1849 but was rebuilt in time for the opening of the branch line on 1 July 1850.

Concerns about the safety of wooden viaducts led to work beginning in 1864 on constructing a replacement 13-arch stone viaduct alongside the existing timber one. Unfortunately this too collapsed during construction on Sunday 3 December 1865, damaging the timber viaduct beyond repair. The branch line remained closed until a new stone viaduct was completed and opened on 11 March 1867.

After the closure of the branch line, the viaduct was eventually demolished in 1976.


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