Municipal Borough of Huddersfield

On Monday 17 February 1868, the Queen Victoria's Privy Council announced that a Charter of Incorporation would be granted to Huddersfield. This officially took place on 7 July 1868 and brought into existence the Municipal Borough of Huddersfield and also Huddersfield Corporation.

The borough initially had a reported combined rateable value of around £200,000 and comprised the following areas:[1]

area townships (whole or part of) population acres rateable value (£)
Almondbury Local Board District Almondbury 4500 1508 7750
Bradley Local Board District Huddersfield 781 1288 5106
township of Dalton (not inc. Moldgreen LBD) Dalton 1675 991 5371
Deighton Local Board District Huddersfield 1150 367 2000
hamlet of Fartown Huddersfield 6971 1268 15000
Huddersfield Central Ward Huddersfield 2115 13168
Huddersfield East Ward Huddersfield 7445 15048
Huddersfield North Ward Huddersfield 2490 29301
Huddersfield South Ward Huddersfield 8270 15048
Huddersfield West Ward Huddersfield 8270 29670
Lindley-cum-Quarmby Local Board District Lindley-cum-Quarmby 5050 12008
Lockwood Local Board District Lockwood & part of South Crosland 8445 860 20709
Marsh Local Board District Huddersfield 6822 433 12000
Moldgreen Local Board District Almondbury & Dalton 6960 597 12224
Newsome Local Board District Almondbury 6000 880 7200

The Town Council initially comprised 14 aldermen and 42 councillors representing the following 12 wards:

  1. Almondbury & Newsome
  2. Dalton, Bradley & Deighton
  3. Fartown
  4. Huddersfield Central (C)
  5. Huddersfield East (E)
  6. Huddersfield North (N)
  7. Huddersfield South (S)
  8. Huddersfield West (W)
  9. Lindley cum Quarmby
  10. Lockwood
  11. Marsh
  12. Moldgreen

Part II of the Huddersfield Improvement Act of 1880 included a boundary extension which transferred a portion of the township of South Crosland into the Lockwood Ward (and therefore into the Municipal Borough) so that the entirety of planned Beaumont Park would be within the borough boundary.

When the West Riding County Council was formed in 1889, the municipal borough became the County Borough of Huddersfield on 1 April 1889 under the terms of the Local Government Act of 1888.

Extent of the Municipal Borough

The initial wards of the borough are shown below.

Notes and References

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