Mucky Bridge, Jackson Bridge

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  • location: South View, Jackson Bridge
  • status: still exists
  • category: property

A toll house on the Wadsley and Langsett Turnpike Road may have been erected at this location, as recorded in the 1858 newspaper notice:[1]


Notice is hereby given, that a SPECIAL MEETING of the TRUSTEES of the said Road, will be held at the Shoulder of Mutton Inn, New Mill, in the parish of Kirkburton, in the county of York, on Wednesday, the 21st day of April instant, at Four o’clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of ordering and directing that a Toll Gate or Chain be fixed or placed upon or across the said Road, at or near to Mucky Bridge, in the township of Hepworth, in the parish of Kirkburton aforesaid; and also that a Toll House, with suitable outbuildings and conveniences thereto, be erected and built to such Toll House, and for fixing the amount of Toll to be taken thereat.

By Order, C. S. FLOYD, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Road. Holmfirth, let April, 1858.


Notes and References

  1. Huddersfield Chronicle (03/Apr/1858)